Best iPhone action games without in-app purchases

Best iPhone action games without in-app purchases

Skip the IAPs with these outstanding iPhone action games

Are you tired of being nickeled-and-dimed by freemium iPhone games? Had enough of gems and timers and boosts? That's certainly the popular opinion we get when we talk about freemium, so we've rounded up our favorite action games in the App Store that do away with all of that, and provides the absolute maximum of product up-front.

We're focusing on reflex-driven games here. Go ahead, dive in, and let us know what you think of our top ten action iPhone games without IAPs in the comments.

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Best iPhone action games without in-app purchases


One of my favourite games without in-app purchases is Wayward Souls by Rocketcat Games. It's not that expensive, but the price increases with every major update. It's a dungeon exploring game that has one stand up price and nothing else. The updates are free so that's also good. Check it out!

Try out DiveLand. It's an iOS game based on the mathematical novel flatland. You have to free fall through 100 wormholes. Hit the side of any and you die. No one has ever made it all the way through.

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We put together a great game that will launch on Wednesday September 3 with optional in-app purchases only. Let us know if you want Promo Codes before that!
It's an exciting new addition to the puzzle genre with awesome graphics and innovative multiplayer features which lets players challenge each other in real time, where players attack each other by skillful block-matching.