Minecraft for iPad

Best sim games for iPad

We've dug up the very best, top ten simulation games on iPad, including god sims, business sims, physics sims, sandbox games, and everything in between.

Games don't always have to be about blowing something up or relying on twitch reflexes. Puzzles do a good job of offering something on that front (and we've rounded up a bunch of puzzle games for iPad, not to mention the best iPad games of every other genre), but for those looking for something a bit more substantial, you'll find plenty of simulation games available on iPad. These are all about framing and recreating relatable, real-life situations in interesting ways.

Whatever kind of gamer you are, if you're itching for new sim games on your iPad, check these out.

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Best sim games for iPad


I've been interested in Minecraft for a while, but it's hard to find out information on it for such a popular game. The "teaser trailer" style of videos they promote it with (above) are super annoying too. You can watch a half dozen videos from Minecraft on how the game works, but none of them actually tell you what it's like to play the game.

The video above is perfect example in that it goes literally 3/4 of the way through before it even shows you the game. That it makes no fucking sense to advertise a game this way, is a HUGE understatement

Just go on YouTube and look up any of a number of people with long videos each day playing it.... paid pros and amateurs alike.

It's probably the best video game to come out in the last decade, IMO. I'd always heard about it, but never knew what it was either until my son convinced me to check it out. Our whole family loves to play it now. :)

But, I'd recommend the console version, or optimally the 'desktop' version, as they are just WAY better than the iOS version. The lack of actual controls and how crazy-limited it is in comparison make it a no-go for me anyway. My son does play it on iOS once in a great while... but whenever he has access to the PS3 or one of our Macs, it's no contest.

My favorite sim game is Trainz Simulator, although I suspect most folks will find it boring, unless you like railroading. There is a puzzle factor to the game, having to sort out your rail cars, for delivery to the different industries.

No contest, IMO... Minecraft! But, not on an iOS device, go for the 'desktop' version or at least the console version. Best money I've ever spent on a game in terms of enjoyment and time for the $.

Playing Godus now. It is fun but I wish it had an undo to correct fat-finger landscaping mistakes. I hate when I accidentally eliminate trees. But I just started. Maybe I'll get that god power later. Hope so.

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