Best strategy games for iPhone

Best strategy games for iPhone

We've dug up the very best strategy games that you can put on your iPhone. We've got a good range of tactical combat, global domination, tower defense, real-team strategy, and whatever else fit the bill. Keep in mind we're squaring off puzzle games and board games into separate categories and will be rounding them up shortly.

Grab your thinkin' caps, because these are the best strategy games for iPhone.

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Best strategy games for iPhone


Civ Rev is very different than Civ V on your Mac/PC -- the gameplay is not nearly as deep or rich, but it is still fun on its own terms. I bought both Civ Rev 1 and 2 -- the basic game seems almost identical between them, just Civ Rev 2 has a 3D engine on it, and controls that consequently I find slow and and awkward compared to its predecessor.

You miss out one super good strategy game. One that may not be popular but super good. Settlers of Catan!

Anthill and Auralux are some good strategy games. I wish they would put tower defens in another gaming category all by itself. I hate tower defens and there is a million of them infesting the strategy section on the App Store.

Good call on Auralux. I tend to side with Eufloria since it was the original, but it really hasn't been as well-supported as Auralux.

What I wish is that a lot of the old PC games (and even commodore games) would get a rewrite to work on iPad or iPhone. MoO 2 would be a great place to start. Another would be a GOOD version of Might and Magic. I had high hopes for Baldur's gate, but it isn't as good as it could be.

It's great for sure. I tend to put Shadowrun Returns in the RPG camp rather than strategy due to its big emphasis on story.