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Pokémon Go: How to fix phantom vibrations, robot captcha, battery drain, server errors and more!

The latest version of Pokémon Go makes the Nearby system much better but it also introduces "phantom vibrations". Here's the fix!

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How to use 'Nearby' and 'Sightings' to track in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has once again rolled out the Nearby tracking feature to a bunch of new locations, this time pretty much globally! They've also updated to make Sightings work better in areas with few or remote PokéStops.

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Best new apps and games for iPhone and iPad

We're always on the lookout for the best apps on the iPhone and iPad App Store. This week, find your perfect credit card with NerdWallet, fly through the cosmos with Galaxy on Fire 3, and get great productivity apps.

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How to transfer Pokémon and get extra Candy in Pokémon Go

Update: Pokémon Go now gives you the ability to transfer multiple Pokémon at the same time! It makes it much easier to clean out your storage — but you might want to wait a bit before using it...

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You can now check out Super Mario Run at an Apple Store near you

Those itching to try Super Mario Run will want to head to their local Apple Store, where the game will be available for demo running up to its launch next week

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New Pokémon, Sprint, and Starbucks: What you need to know!

Update: The Starbucks Pokémon Go promotion is now official in the U.S. See below!

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These are Apple's top App Store and iTunes picks of 2016!

What were the best apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, and podcasts of 2016? Here are Apple's picks!

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Best Pokémon to level or evolve for gyms in Pokémon Go

Updated Gym defenders and attackers lists have now been posted, so check them out and get your Pokémon powered up and ready for battle!

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Best way to win battles and conquer gyms in Pokémon Go

It looks like Pokémon Go has once again changed the rules when it comes to both taking down and leveling up a Gym. This time, though, instead of making it easier to tear down and harder to build up, they've added some much-needed balance.

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How to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go!

How do you catch the just-released Ditto, the Pokémon Go in disguise? With these tips!

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