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How to get more candy and stardust in Pokemon Go

How do you get more Pokémon Go candy and stardust so you can evolve and level up your pocket monsters faster? Here's everything you need to know!

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Pokémon Go: Tips, tricks, and cheats to hatching eggs

How fast can I move to hatch an egg in Pokémon Go? How long does it take to hatch a Pokémon egg? Thanks to a bit of statistical analysis, we now know the answer!

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How to use a Lucky Egg to power level your trainer in Pokémon Go

How do you earn massive XP gains in Pokémon Go with a Lucky Egg? Short answer: Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie!

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How to transfer your Pokémon Go account to a new iPhone

How do I transfer my Pokémon Go account to another device? Here's how to keep your trainer data and all of your Pokémon intact!

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How to change your Trainer nickname in Pokemon Go

How can you change your nickname in Pokémon Go? With the new renaming feature!

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How to place a Lure in Pokémon Go

Why is my Lure Module grayed out? Why can't I place a Lure? We show you how!

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Here's why Niantic Labs shut down third-party Pokemon trackers

Niantic Labs explains why it blocked data scraper from accessing Pokémon Go servers - to make the game run smoother.

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How to set up and use the new Apple TV Remote app

Fed up with the Siri Remote? If you own an iPhone, there's a better way.

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How to get a refund for Pokémon Go

How you get a refund for your Pokémon Go in-app purchases isn't obvious, but it is possible!

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How to change your Pokémon Go trainer avatar!

How do you change the way your trainer looks in Pokémon Go? With the new re-customization feature!

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