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If your Nintendo Switch ever completely freezes up, there's a quick fix

It won't happen often, but if your Switch ever get stuck between apps you have a way out.

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We are one huge step closer to Splatoon 2!

One of the biggest games coming to Nintendo Switch this year just showed up in the Nintendo Store, but before you grab a spot on the couch you'll want to pull out your calendar.

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Pokémon Go Buddy: How to choose the very best

Which Pokémon is the best to choose as a buddy and walk with for extra candy? Here's the list!

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How to stop your Nintendo Switch from taking over your television

Out of the box, your Nintendo Switch has a clever HDMI CEC feature enabled but it's never really introduced. Here's how to deal with it if you don't like it.

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How to beat Blissey, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Vaporeon and take down Gyms fast in Pokémon Go

How do you counter Tyranitar, Dragonite, Snorlax, Rhydon, Gyarados, Blissey, Vapereon, Lapras, and all the top defenders in Pokémon Go? Here's your answer!

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Is your Nintendo Switch running hot while in the dock?

Heat is a concern with any game console, and when you're talking about a system that can be portable and connected to a television there are always going to be some concerns.

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Djinn Caster Review: Wonderful storytelling wrapped in an action RPG

If you're a gamer, you may be turned off by Djinn Caster because it's published by Kemco — and I wouldn't blame you. After all, they've pumped out some pretty lackluster titles in the past. But Djinn Caster is worth a look!

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Pokémon Go Eggs and how to hatch them faster — Updated for Gen 2

Update: After hatching a massive amount of eggs, new research shows that the rarity of the Pokémon inside an Egg has nothing to do with the distance of that Egg. Yeah, keep reading!

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Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con VS. Pro Controller

Nintendo is the champion of weird controllers that don't seem like they would work until you hold them. For Switch owners, that decision is going to have some interesting consequences.

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How to create a new Nintendo Account on Switch

If you've just joined the Nintendo ecosystem, you're going to want to create an account so you can buy games, get special promotions, and more.

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