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CSR Racing 2 game guide

If you've always wanted to own a super rare sports car, CSR Racing 2 is the closest you will get without having to spend a few hundred grand.

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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius brings its turn-based gameplay to mobile

Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius in the U.S. and worldwide, following its release in Japan earlier this year. This free-to-play turn-based game is one of the rare ones in the long running franchise to be created specifically for mobile devices.

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Tetris Blitz: 2016 Edition falls onto the App Store for some beastly combos

EA has announced the company has released Tetris Blitz: 2016 Edition for iPhone and iPad. This latest update brings a bunch of improvements and new features.

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Avatar movie franchise is coming to your phone as a mobile strategy game

Kabam has announced plans to release a "massively multiplayer mobile strategy game" that will be based on the Avatar sci-fi movie franchise. No release date was announced.

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How to use Apple TV: The ultimate guide

The fourth-generation Apple TV is here. It brings Siri, third-party apps and game controllers, a new Home screen, Apple Music, and so much more to your television. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

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Free App of the Week: Bounce to the beat of the music in Give It Up! 2

Every week in the App Store, an app or game goes free for seven days. This week, bounce to the beat of the music in Give It Up! 2.

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EA's The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed combines cute animals with match-3 gameplay

With The Secret Life of Pets movie just around the corner, it makes sense for there to be a mobile game released ahead of screenings. EA is hitting both Android and iOS with a new match-3 game within The Secret Life of Pets universe.

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Best Mac games for kids

What are the best games for kids on Mac? We've got that answer right here.

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Pokémon Go will let everyone catch 'em all in July

Pokémon Go will arrive for all players at some point in July. The optional Go Plus accessory will go on sale around that time for $34.99.

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We spent some time with Pokémon Go!

iMore got to spend a little time with Pokémon Go ahead of its upcoming launch and this is what it's like!

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