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Pokémon Go for Apple Watch still a Go!

Update: Apple Watch code has now been discovered in the latest update to Pokémon Go!

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Super Mario Run: Worth It To You?

Super Mario Run is here, and MrMobile has the skinny. Is this endless runner with a popular skin worth $10 to you?

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It's-a-me, MARIO! How to get iOS to stop capitalizing Mario

A quick lesson in Mario capitalization!

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You're using a lot of data playing Super Mario Run and here's why

Super Mario Run uses up a significant amount of data if you're playing it a lot, but things should ease up in a few days.

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How the Internet is reacting to Super Mario Run's release!

Does the Internet love Mario's newest adventure, or are they mocking it meme-lentlessly?

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How to get a refund on Super Mario Run

How you get a refund for Super Mario Run in-app purchases isn't obvious, but it is possible!

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How to add friends in Super Mario Run

No game is complete without the ability to prove to your friends that you are the best, and by adding friends in Super Mario Run you can show them who's the coin collecting master!

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How to get more Toad Rally tickets in Super Mario Run

It costs one ticket to play Toad Rally in Super Mario Run. If you start to run out, here's how to get more Rally Tickets!

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Super Mario Run is a modern classic for iPhone

Super Mario Run: A fresh, super fun, super approachable take on the classic characters for the modern iPhone age.

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Super Mario Run will launch in these 150 countries; is yours on the list?

Super Mario Run launches today in 150 countries. Here is the complete list.

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