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Where to buy Nintendo Switch on launch day in Canada.

The release of the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch is finally upon us, and if you didn't pre-order the console you may have a hard time finding one. There is some hope, some retailers will have a very limited number of consoles for walk-ins.

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Where to buy Nintendo Switch on launch day in the U.S.

Missed the Switch pre-order? You can still get one on launch day if you're fast!

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Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

A great puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours as you try (and a lot of times fail) to progress in the game. Here are my top picks for the best puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

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How to catch Unown in Pokémon Go

How do you find and catch all 26 of the Unown Pokémon in Pokémon Go Gen 2? Here are our top tips, from A to Z!

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Will Nintendo Switch support GameCube controllers?

Nintendo's past two consoles have allowed players to use GameCube controllers, a choice that competitive gamers adore, but what the Nintendo Switch? Let's take a look at what we know so far and what it means for GameCube gamepad enthusiasts.

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How to prepare for Gen 3 and Gen 4 in Pokémon Go

What Pokémon from Gen 2 — and Pokémon Candy — should you hoard now to prep for Gen 3 and Gen 4? Here's your list!

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Best games for Apple Watch

Full-fledged games and companion apps are what make the Apple Watch fun. Here are the best games you can play on your wrist!

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Best Pokémon Go cheats — Updated for Gen 2

Pokémon Go Gen 2 is here and, with it, changes to some of the cheats. Here's what's gone, what's new, and what's you can still do.

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These Girl Scouts are going to build an awesome game!

The Girl Scouts of San Diego and Design Code Build have set out to build a game called "Marshmallow Run" for web and mobile. They've launched a Kickstarter project and need your help to make this game a reality.

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Slayaway Camp: Game Guide

Slayaway Camp is a morbidly funny take on the puzzle genre and no one you meet is safe! If you’re having trouble, I’m here to help. I’ll give you a breakdown of everything you need to know to get you back to your murdering ways.

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