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A salute to iOS gamers, or how to stop intimidating your non-gamer friends

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While walking home the other day with a well-read friend of mine who doesn't identify as a "gamer" — but has an Angry Birds history on his iPhone that would argue otherwise — I brought up BioShock: Infinite. I had assumed, given my friend's interest in activism and politics, that he'd be interested in hearing about the game's attempts at social critique, however ham-fisted. We never got that far.

"What do you mean, it has a sad ending?" he interrupted. "Do you mean you lost?"

"No, no – I beat it," I said. "Everybody gets the same ending."

"That's impossible!" he sputtered. "You should try it again, just in case!"

I walked in a lot of conversational circles as I explained that actually the game was meant to be a very serious narrative experience, and that many games of this type often only give you one ending. Call of Duty games only have one ending, I told him, and everybody sees the same cut-scenes. Same goes for The Last Of Us, and all the Halo games ...

"But when I play Tetris, it's different every time," he said. "If everybody gets the same ending, how is that even a game? Maybe you're supposed to look up a cheat code? I mean... I don't know, I'm not a gamer."

It's hard to say which of us is a really a "gamer" when neither of us would agree on what is or isn't a "game," though, right?

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ZeptoLab's King of Thieves is now available for iPhone and iPad

From the creators of Cut the Rope comes King of Thieves, a new freemium multiplayer game now available for iPhone and iPad. Sporting high quality art and animations, players are tasked with avoiding deadly traps, competing to break into customized dungeons to steal enemy gems and gold. The only problem is the player dungeon will come under attack too so it's best to invest some time in building some defences.

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Trivia Crack: Top tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Trivia Crack is an insanely addicting trivia game that lets you compete against your friends and other random opponents to see who really is smarter. You'll answer questions across six different subjects in order to be the first to collect all six crowns. Along the way you can use challenge mode to steal crowns away from your opponent. The victorious winner will then receive coins and other prizes. These are our top tips, hints, cheats, and strategies to come out on top in Trivia Crack rankings every time!

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Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure lands on the Mac App Store

There's some good news today if you enjoyed the Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure experience on iOS: the retro-futuristic point-and-click space adventure has finally made its way to the Mac App Store.

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Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords out for the iPhone, iPad and Mac

Telltale Games has released the second episode of its Game of Thrones adventure game series. It's titled "The Lost Lords" and can be downloaded as an in-app purchase for $4.99 from within the Game of Thrones app for the iPhone and iPad, and can also be downloaded for the Mac if you have bought a Season Pass for the game.

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République Remastered will show off its revamped graphics for the Mac Feb. 26

République Remastered, a graphically-revamped version of the acclaimed stealth action game, will make its way to the Mac on Feb. 26. The original version of the game, from developer Camouflaj, was first released for the iPhone and iPad back in December 2013.

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Transformers: Battle Tactics rolls out for the iPhone and iPad

Transformers: Battle Tactics, the latest game in the long running "Robots in Disguise" franchise, is now available for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store. Players can control teams of Autobots and Decepticons in turn-based combat.

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Sci-fi shooter Midnight Star launching worldwide for the iPhone and iPad

Midnight Star, the free-to-play sci-fi first person shooter from developer Industrial Toys, is now available to download for the iPhone and iPad worldwide. The game got a soft launch in a few countries starting in July before today's wider release.

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The arctic adventure game Last Inua makes its way to the Mac for $7.99

Last Inua, a side-scrolling adventure game that was first released for the PC in December has now made its way to the Mac platform. It's now available on the Mac App Store for $7.99.

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Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today brings the undead to the Mac April 10

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, the first game from Spain-based Fictiorama Studios, will be released via digital download for the Mac, PC and Linux platforms on April 10 for the price of $19.99.

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