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Take to the high seas with Down Among the Dead Men gamebook

The great folks behind 80 Days and Sorcery! have released a new interactive book full of piratey goodness. Down Among the Dead Men has you take on the role of a magician, a thief, a pirate, or a governor's daughter in disguise among a seafaring crew. There's some curses involving the undead here too. You'll have the choice to be nice, fair, or full-out evil, with the text changing and narrative branching off depending on your decisions.

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New, updated, and discounted apps: iOS 8 updates incoming!

Today iOS 8 launches, and along with it, a whoooooole bunch of apps are being updated to support the new software. It's a veritable avalanche of updates, but we're going to dig up the very best ones for you. Give us a shout in the comments if you find any more!

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Beach Buggy Racing now ready to tear up the track on iPhone and iPad

Developer Vector Unit has just launched its newest mobile game, Beach Buggy Racing, for the iPhone and iPad, a few months after it was first announced in June.

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Wave goodbye to your sanity with Goat Simulator, now available for iPhone and iPad

We're not really sure as to what the fox says, but if you ever fantasized about being a goat, consider this your lucky day, as Goat Simulator is now available for the iPhone and iPad.

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Clash of Clans update summons Lava Hound and increases upgrade caps

A really big update to the hit casual game Clash of Clans introduces a new unit and increases the maximum upgradeable level on many others. The Lava Hound is a new type of flying tank that can take the hits while other units move in for the kill.

You'll need dark elixir and a Dark Barracks to cook him up, and once air defense takes him down, he'll explode into a bunch of tiny lava pupppies. Barbarians and Archers can be upgraded to level 7 now, Archer Towers to level 13, and Dark Barracks to level 6.

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Avenged Sevenfold's Hail to the King: Deathbat coming soon

Avenged Sevenfold plans to rock your smartphone and tablet out of its mind as the well known hard rock band plans to release its own fantasy action-RPG, Hail to the King: Deathbat, on Android and iOS on October 16.

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New, updated, and discounted apps: Wayward Souls, Hay Day, and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Hay Day has a new creature for your stables, and a great roguelike action-RPG has a new game mode.

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Best casual games for iPhone

Maybe you don't really consider yourself a "gamer", but have been sucked into city-building games like Clash of Clans. Are you ready to move onto your next casual iPhone gaming addiction? These App Store hits will give you a little something just for showing up, have shortcuts through in-app purchases, and will let you build something big and impressive over the long term that you can brag to your friends about.

Take a look below for our top ten casual games for iPhone, and be sure to hit up the comments for more suggestions.

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Clash of Clans Archers unit guide - top tips to maximize these deadly warriors

Archers are among the most popular units in Clash of Clans, and using them wisely can consistently provide victory, assuming you use them right. We're going to plow through five points that will improve your archer usage in Clash of Clans and win you trophies, elixir, and gold.

Be sure to read up on our other Clash of Clans tips, tricks, and cheats for more!

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Crazy Taxi: City Rush gains a new district, new taxis and more in latest iPhone and iPad update

Crazy Taxi: City Rush, Sega's recently released free-to-play arcade driving action game for the iPhone and iPad, got its first big content update this week that adds a new district to drive around in, new taxis and much more.

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