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Monument Valley Forgotten Shores: Levels 5-8 walkthrough

Forgotten Shores is the latest expansion pack to Monument Valley, a beautifully designed puzzle game in which you are in charge of guiding Ida, the silent princess, through many different lands. We've already walked you through the first four levels so here's the final walkthrough of Forgotten Shores for anyone who's gotten stuck along the way!

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Best iPhone and iPad apps of November

November is winding down and the dust is settling from Black Friday insanity, so it's time to look back on the month and all of the great new apps and games that have been released. This go-around we have some excellent strategy games, as well as a few action titles to keep you on your toes. On the app side, we've got some apps perfect for music fans, and some new social apps to try out.

It's been a really good month for iOS apps and games. Dive into our top ten list of the latest App Store releases, and be sure to drop a comment with the best new stuff to grace your home screen.

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The Witcher Adventure Game brings the new fantasy board game to iPad

CD Projekt Red has been highly successful with their Witcher fantasy RPG game franchise on the PC and consoles and recently started closed beta testing for a mobile game spin-off, The Witcher Battle Arena. However, it appears that the first Witcher mobile game to launch to the general public will be something else: The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital version of a real world board game.

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First episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones series debuts next week

The first episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones series will be available for download next week. Iron From Ice will be available for OS X on Tuesday, December 2. The iOS release follows on December 4.

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Red Bull Racers updates with new winter levels and vehicles

Arcade racing game Red Bull Racers has added new levels and vehicles just in time for winter. The new levels present new challenges, adding realistic physics based on driving on ice and snow.

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We went to the Tales from the Borderlands premiere and lived to Tell the Tale

Tales from the Borderlands is a brand-new episodic adventure game set within the Borderlands universe. A collaboration between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software, Tales is the most story-driven Borderlands game yet. Players can grab the episodes individually as they are released, or opt for a season pass to get all five episodes for a little cheaper. The first episode is already available on Xbox One and 360, Playstation 3 and 4, and PC and Mac, with the Android and iOS versions sometime thereafter.

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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is now available for the iPhone and iPad

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, the acclaimed action-adventure game from developer Oddworld Inhabitants, is now available for iPhone and iPad owners in the iTunes store for $5.99.

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Top iPhone, iPad, and Mac Black Friday deals

We've gathered together some great discounts on iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps, accessories, and devices for you today. We'll be updating this post with new deals from Black Friday right through Cyber Monday.

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Pastry Paradise rolls out some puzzle fun on iPhone and iPad

Gameloft has released a new puzzle game for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Titled Pastry Paradise, the game tasks players with matching three (or more) tasty items on a board to clear them and earn points. However, there are a few differences between Pastry Paradise and other titles in the genre. The use of diagonal swipes, cakes and other lovely treats, as well as boosters and bake-offs help keep players entertained.

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'Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions' lands on Mac for $15

If you're a fan of fast-paced shape-inspired arcade shooters, there's some good news today: 'Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions' has landed on Mac for a cool 15 buckaroos.

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