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Rayman Fiesta Run available for free via Expedia app

The iPhone and iPad version of Ubisoft's popular side-scrolling game Rayman Fiesta Run is now available for free, but only if you access the Expedia app or website as well.

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Top Gear: Race The Stig updates with new cars and more!

Top Gear: Race The Stig, an endless driver game based on the mute driver in the popular Top Gear BBC TV series, just received a new content update today for iPhone and iPad, along with other versions.

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Hercules: The Official Game brings hack-and-slash dueling to iPhone and iPad

Trying to ride the hype of the theatrical release of the movie Hercules, Glu is launching Hercules: The Official Game for iOS today. This game builds on all of the well-known Hercules story lines to bring a hack-and-slash dueling game with various hero characters to choose from, and different melee, magic and ranged attacks to go to battle with.

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Best apps for the 2014 Tour de France: The official app, Cycling News, Eurosport Player and more!

Every year around this time, a lot of possibly crazy people on bikes, hit the French – and this year British – tarmac for the month long Tour de France. The worlds greatest and best known cycle race is back for another year to wow spectators roadside and on television around the world. The race officially kicks off on July 5 in Leeds, so if you're wanting to follow along we've some great iPhone and iPad apps to help you out!

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Every single Infinity Blade game on sale for Independence Day

Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade 2, and Infinity Blade 3 are all seeing some solid price cuts to commemorate Independence Day. These one-on-one dueling games have set the bar for graphics on iOS time and again, not to mention offering some fast, furious, and finger-friendly gameplay. We certainly think it's one of our favorite iPhone and iPad games out there.

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Midnight Star first person shooter launches in Ireland before global release

Midnight Star, a long awaited sci-fi first person shooter for the iPad and iPhone, is getting a soft launch on the Ireland App Store before it is released to the rest of the world.

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Civilization Revolution 2 is now available for iPhone and iPad

For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Civilization Revolution 2 on iPhone and iPad will be able to rejoice as 2K has today published the title on the Apple App Store. We previously enjoyed some hands-on time with the mobile revival of the turn-based strategy game, which is well worth checking out before looking at the price and making the move to download.

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The Witcher Battle Arena to battle on all mobile platforms later this year

The Witcher is a popular series of PC and console games based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. In the medieval fantasy world of The Witcher, powerful humans with mutant traits called Witchers seek out and destroy the monsters that threaten humanity's survival. Polish gaming studio CD Projekt RED is currently hard at work developing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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Hands-on with the new Civilization Revolution 2

Following an announcement of Civilization Revolution 2, we got some hands-on time with the mobile revival of 2K's beloved turn-based strategy game. All of the usual mechanics you know and love are here: start building an empire with a single humble city, harvest the resource tiles nearby, expand your nation in science, culture, religion, and military, and achieve global dominance through warfare or diplomacy.

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Fruit Ninja: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

Fruit Ninja strategy guide: How to slice and dice your way to your highest score ever!

In Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick, you are a ninja that is tasked with slicing as much fruit as you can while avoiding obstacles such as bombs. There are a few different modes to choose from including arcade, classic, and multiplayer. No matter what mode you play, the object is to slash as much fruit as you can while avoiding bombs. There are lots of ways to rack up your score and unlock objectives faster, and that's where iMore comes in! These are the top Fruit Ninja tips, hints, and cheats you must know!

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