The Competition: Sony PSPgo or No-Go for iPhone Developers?

iPhone SDK: Hardcore Gaming

Eurogamer spoke to Johnny Two Shoes (The Heist, Banana Dash), Normalware (Bebot) and Firemint (Flight Control) about how Sony's new PSPgo platform may compete with the iPhone, and the answers were interesting:

  • After an 80% price cut to PSP dev tool charges, bring the price down to $1500) it's still much more expensive than Apple's $99.
  • Developers can't target the existing PSP install base of 50 million, PSPgo has only just been released, and Apple's iPhone and iPod touch have an install base of over 40 million devices.

However, Apple growing the download gaming market and PSP games traditionally being bigger and longer (as opposed to casual iPhone gaming) were seen as positives for Sony.

"In the end," Maxwell Scott-Slade concludes, "the consumer wins for choice and developers win for a more direct access to their audience."


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Reader comments

The Competition: Sony PSPgo or No-Go for iPhone Developers?


Sony is failing, and failing HARD.
I was hoping to see them actually announce something new at the conference and i got NOTHING.
no new UI changes and improvements to the PS3, it's still a crappy PS3 that i can't even chat with my friends while playing games.
And on top of that, after ALL the huge rumors of the "New PSP" it's STILL the same PSP...
I expected and hoped that it would actually be a better platform, faster better graphics etc etc... but NO it's still the same old PSP.
With that being said, the fact that they did NOT actually improve the PSP at all, and that the "new one" is so expensive.... i think they are going to fail even harder very soon here.

you've been able to chat with your friends while playing a game for a while. They added it a couple months ago.

uhhh...... Is this in another country or something?
I'm not talking about Chatting in the games BUILT in chat system.
i'm talking about using a Friend to Friend Chat.
Where i am playing one game, and my friend is playing another.
Just like Xbox's system.

PSP as I own one, consistently beats the iPhone for actual gaming, not casual gaming, though its getting close for me. Someone showed me Assasin's Creed on a jailbroken iPhone and it played ok, but I cannot stand two things
- Slow as molasses (sure it was a 3G not 3GS)
- I hate playing game where my thumbs cover 30% of the screen.
the iPhone and PSP do not have to destroy each other, and making it out to be a zero sum game is for fools.

um wtf iphonemilk are you truly insulting something that you obviously have no clue about? the answer is yes,yes you are and i suggest that next time you are going to start to talk trash at least don't make yourself look like an ass.

IPhone and PSP are not targeting the same markets. Have u seen GTA or Midnight club in psp. Do u think that something like that will ever get developed for iPhone!

I'll probably get a PSP for Gran Turismo mobile. Those types of "hit" games are many, many years away from turning up on an iPhone.