Dragon's Lair Swashbuckles it's Way to the iPhone!

Dragon's Lair [$4.99- iTunes link], the original laser-disc (wikipedia it!), fully cell-animated arcade adventure from the legendary Don Bluth is officially, nostalgically available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

If you weren't there to experience Dragon's Lair's emergence onto the arcade scene in the wayback days of yore, it's hard to explain the impact it made. Suffice it to say, if the iPhone version captures that kind of magic, every 30+ year old will download it on sight, and many younger folks might just fall in love with it as well.

It's not Pac-Man or Street Fighter; it's a very different type of gaming experience, so if you've been waiting for it, let us know how it translates, and if you're trying it for the first time, let us know what you think!

[TouchArcade via TUAW]

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Reader comments

Dragon's Lair Swashbuckles it's Way to the iPhone!


Well, although extremely beautiful, I didn't like it then and the trailer kinda shows why: excellent graphics x annoying game...

You need to understand how advanced this game looked compared to everything else at the time. It would be like an A4 attack jet appearing during WWII. Yes primitive by today's standards, mind blowing back then.
BTW The game had no graphics proc etc. It used a Laser Disk of pre recorded Animation. When you turned left it would jump to a different track on the disk than going right, so there was only one way to win, and once you figured it out it was quick to beat. People use to have cheat sheets with L/ R/L/L etc. and share them with others till they had the complete path. This game was expensive to play and had long lines, so you really wanted to know what to do.

i remember trying to play this in aladdins arcade in the mall growing up, it was sooo cool back then. space ace was just like it too.

I remember Dragons Lair in the arcade. It was always fun watching someone else blow their 50 cents on it because it was difficult to make split decisions. All the other games were a quarter. lol people paying 25 cents per play ... imagine that today. spoiled iphone users.

I have this on my wife's touch and it's really cool. i grew up with it in the arcades also. it was a great experience. would love to see this ported to the Android OS so i could play it on my Droid.

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