EA: Fastest growing gaming console is iPad

EA: Fastest growing gaming console is iPad

Speaking with IndustryGamers, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello puts the previous Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony-led console market into post-iPad perspective:

Consoles used to be 80% of the industry as recently as 2000. Consoles today are 40% of the game industry, so what do we really have?

We have a new hardware platform and we’re putting out software every 90 days. Our fastest growing platform is the iPad right now and that didn’t exist 18 months ago.

So consoles are down by half, and iPad has come out of basically nowhere to become the hottest thing in gaming? Hard core gamers would argue you can't play Call of Duty or World Of Warcraft on an iPad, just like hard core geeks would argue you can't run Xcode/Visual Studio and otherwise use an iPad as a "real computer".

That's true. It just turns out the hard core base is much smaller than the mainstream, and Apple -- and Angry Birds and a host of other, casual titles -- is democratizing the gaming platform just as much as the computer.

And iOS 5 AirPlay mirroring, where you can play your iPad games on the big screen via Apple TV, hasn't even launched yet.

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EA: Fastest growing gaming console is iPad


tweger010 the iPad, iPhone and other game-capable smart devices have only taken from hand held gaming. They haven't hurt console gaming at all.

Wake me up when there's a portable, hand held PS3 or 360, until then i'll never use an iPad for gaming other than simple games like Angry Birds. Like Rodney said, it may overtake the likes of the DS and PSP etc but it will never overtake consoles or serious PC gamers.

I've played it and it is far from console quality, not even close to the graphics or controls of GTA.

Am I the only one that feels like gaming on an iPad is inferior to the iPhone. IPads are too big and clumsy for me.

Exactly. I was at E3 There were ipad games there. But guess what everyone was playing or trying to play or talking about. Battlefield, Saint Row, Madden, Modern warfare, Call of Duty Elite blah blah blah. Same stuff. What you didn't see was people turning away from consoles. And the massive bulk of both sides of the convention center were console games. Hell Playstations new handheld section was arguably bigger then the area dedicated to ipad games combined.

does the fact that a new console hasn't been released in years completely escape you? How naive do you have to be. As soon as Sony and Microsoft release new consoles the iPad will take a nose dive. Its a time waster until something substantial comes along.

"Hard core gamers would argue you can’t play Call of Duty or World Of Warcraft on an iPad, just like hard core geeks would argue you can’t run Xcode/Visual Studio and otherwise use an iPad as a “real computer”.
That’s true. It just turns out the hard core base is much smaller than the mainstream, "
Sorry that's just totally wrong. Or at least totally bad and labored analogy. You can't equate Call of Duty or Warcraft to xcode and visual studio. First Call of Duty and Warcraft are the most popular games out there. They are far from only played by "hardcore gamers." They are in fact played by legions of casual gamers. That's why they are so popular. Black ops sold 7 million copies in it's first 24 hours. $360 Million in sales on day one. $1 Billion in almost one month. There were a Nov 2010 report in the Dallas Examiner that said that at a given time there are more then 6 million people all in online multiplayer games at once on xbox and ps3. The base is in fact extremely large it is not small like xcode or visual studio. The analogy is bad because they are not the same. Xcode is a developer tool used by a narrow set of people in the development world not mainstream computer users. It's not a user tool. Call of Duty and Warcraft are games for mainstream users not merely developers. But the big one is Call of Duty is the most popular game period on any console. Xcode is not the most popular piece of software on any computer.
Fastest growing? fine. Won't dispute that. It's starting from zero and others are already established. I'd expect it to grow faster. But at best it should be compared more to portable systems like a psp or nintendo ds. At best. But my issue is with the attempt at analogy. It's just a bad one.

Oh..!! I am surprised by reading this post as I was not aware about this. I am not much interested in games. But its really nice that Electronic Arts has made such a useful iPad.