What do you want to see on the iMore show next?

Editor's desk: What do you want to see on the iMore show?

In a few months our community podcast, the iMore show, will hit episode 400. Yeah, I can't believe it either. From a bi-weekly, audio only affair that focused just on the iPhone, to a twice-weekly split between iPhone and iPad, to a unified weekly audio and video show that embraces all of Apple, including the Mac, we've evolved considerably over the years. And thanks to you, we now routinely hit the charts on iTunes, and enjoy tens of thousands of listeners every week. Of course, we want to keep doing better and better, so...

We're investing quite a bit in our podcasts in general, and the iMore show in particular. I've spent the last week renovating my studio — see above and below — and when it's finished I'm hoping to be able to produce even better quality shows for everyone. To that end we're also going to make sure our co-hosts, like Peter, have all the audio and lighting gear they need to sound and look great for you as well. But that's just the beginning.

Since you've already told us in no uncertain terms you want more Q&A on the iMore show, we've begun doing just that. You're sending a ton of email to podcast@imore.com and giving us great questions via the #askimore hashtag on Twitter, and we're going to get more diligent, and more organic, about integrating them in. There's still a few others things we're trying to figure out though. And for that, we need your help!

  1. You said you wanted a schedule. We do currently do the iMore show at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm GMT every Thursday. For those of you who watch live, is that the best day and time? We used to do it at 6pm PT, 9pm ET, 2am GMT but many of you felt that was too late. Is every earlier better? What's your ideal LIVE time slot?

  2. Most of you seem happy with the current 1 hour format. However, some of you have said you prefer longer shows. An hour feels like it keeps us fresh and focused, but what's ideal for you?

  3. Right now we're picking a few topics and doing longer form discussion and deeper dives on them. Would you prefer more stuff faster? Since I'm doing MacBreak Weekly on Tuesdays, I want to make sure we offer you something different on Thursdays, but I don't want to deprive you ether. How do you want us to handle news and analysis?

  4. Right now, we also don't do a lot of app and accessory coverage. Some of you have asked us to cover that more. If you do increase app and accessory coverage on the podcast, how much would you like to see, and how would you like to see it?

  5. A lot of you have asked for more guests, more regularly. Currently we have a guest every two to four weeks. How many guests do you want to see and how often do you want to see them? Every week? Every two weeks? Two hosts and a guest? Three hosts and a guest? Two hosts and two guests?

  6. 400 episodes is a lot, and while we won't fix what isn't broken, we absolute will make it better! So what other changes would you like to see?

Thanks for reading, listening, and watching! We have a lot planned for the iMore show this year and we can't do it without it. If you could take a couple minutes and answer these questions for me in the comments, I'd really appreciate it!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

What do you want to see on the iMore show next?


I like the hour-or-so format just fine. I would probably stop listening after an hour anyway unless the coverage was for something really exciting or in-depth, like a launch date or a new-feature (iOS) breakdown.

I like the idea of adding accessories, but maybe just toss one or two into a podcast about other stuff rather than devoting an entire podcast to a bunch of products; it would become more like an infomercial and be too much information if you did accessory after accessory in one podcast.

Guests are great, but so are your regulars. More than three can be a bit hard to follow anyway. If you're doing guests like app designers and accessory designers, I wouldn't go over two guests and two hosts, with one guest and one host being easiest to follow.

I like that you are putting effort and care into improving the quality of your studios! The podcasts will only improve as a result.

Is that a tiny Rene I see back there? Where on Earth did you get that? :D

Sent from the iMore App

We could do periodic accessory coverage when something cool comes out, or we could do occasional shows on our favorite stuff, any preference?

Guests would be other blogger types. We do designers and developers on Iterate and Debug, and analysts on Vector, so iMore I'd stick to people who can talk about the weekly news and events.

And thanks!

I like both accessory ideas, as long as they are not fifteen accessories in one podcast.

And your explanation of how you do guests helps me understand why I'm not finding developers on the regular iMore podcast!! I bet I'm not the only one confused about that, thanks for the clarification! As far as having other bloggers as guests, I think any more than four becomes hard to pay attention to. But three to four is good in my humble opinion. :)

Sent from the iMore App

Oh never mind that must be a tiny stuffed Steve Jobs next to the tiny bobble-head Steve Jobs.

And schedule matters not at all to me as long as it is timely because I rarely can watch live anyway.

Thanks for asking for our opinions!

Sent from the iMore App

Is there a way to download the podcasts directly from the iMore app? Or just stream? And can I pick audio only? Or just video. What I want to do is download while on wifi and listen to the podcast on my drive to work.

Sent from the iMore App

We had trouble getting the iMore app podcast implementation approved. We obviously don't understand the rules about what can and can't be streamed vs. downloaded and how. We're working on that so hopefully it'll be better soon!

Your studio looks awesome! I think the other podcast are going to have to step there game up. Really really nice!

The ideal live time could be earlier, but the current time is great.

The ideal format is one hour.

20 minutes and maybe have the developer come on an explain the app in more detail and what you can do with the app. Who knows better and iMore about there app.

I would like to see one guest a week. Maybe to talk about current news or a developer to talk about there app.

Most of the changes I want to see you have already made or you are planning to make. The only other suggestions would be some kind of intro for the show. Another could be a podcast about apps.

To the team at iMore, great job and thanks for your passion. You guys are awesome!

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Rene can i ask and REQUEST!! a video showing off your HUGE COLLECTION of apple products?!! PLEASE!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!! and would be a really interesting video!! i really really really (and im begging like a teenage girl) would love to see a video of that!!

The time is as good as any. Please post a calendar on your web site of all your podcasts and special events. I live off calendars, and I'm sure many others do as well.

Keeping the cast to 3 people - plus perhaps one guest - is essential. Its too confusing with more than that.

I would like to see you comment on specific apps for iPhone/iPad or Mac that are noteworthy. I think a lot of time gets spent on hardware or iOS, when the apps are ultimately what we run on these devices, and which bring in a lot of the really useful functionality.

Thanks for asking for our opinion. iMore is the best!

Only the iMore show and Android Central have regular time slots. And most of the other shows I do aren't live anyway. What would you want to see in a calendar? Just the iMore and Android Central shows?

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, that would be good. If you have details of who will be guest speaker, topic, etc. that would be nice too.

I would like the iMore to be later in the day so I can participate in the chat room again. I work Monday-Friday 7am-5pm-ish Central Time. So when the current time slot falls at 3pm local time for me and ends at 4pm, I have no choice but to wait until it hits YouTube or Podcasts. When the iMore show was on Sunday evenings I had no problem until the time slot fell on the same hour as Breaking Bad/The Walking Dead. So considering work schedules and prime time TV slots, I think Saturday would be the best day to have any podcasts.

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1. I don't watch it live due to the differences between our time zones. I usually just download the video and watch it during breaks.
2/3. An hour packed with discussions about all the latest news/rumors, app & accessory reviews, etc. would be great.
4. YES please! Maybe limit it to 2-4 apps; and 1 accessory review, or 3 accessories if you're going to be doing comparisons.
5. 3 hosts - 1 guest or 2 hosts - 2 guests every 2-3 weeks would be ideal.
Looking forward to seeing your new studio and the iMore Show's 400th episode!!

Nice collection there in the background... but a Steve Jobs puppet? Seriously? :-\

Posted via the Android iMore App!

Timing is great for us Brits. One hour is fine - podcasts shouldn't be longer than that. I find MBW far too long! Yep accessory and apps sections would be cool. Guests are fine but they need to have charisma and bring something different. You guys already rock so don't forget that! I like discussions on user experience and what different people in the community are using their devices for. Don't want just a corporate news show. Keep up the good work!

How about a quiz segment, like "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me"?

How about doing 5-word reviews?

Or maybe point-counterpoint reviews? Where two hosts take opposite sides and give the pluses and minuses of a product.

2. 1 hour to me is perfect. People always want more of a good thing and with there only being one podcast a week even I wished sometimes I didn't have to wait until the following week. However it's always good to keep people wanting more and keeping it focused makes it great. I wouldn't say going longer would be better but if there were a few other topics that the host and co-hosts wanted to cover having a second shorter (1/2 hr) show semi-regularly might be a nice treat for listeners.

3. I love the longer deeper discussion I really feel it shows the thought that is put into the show and adds great value for the listener. I also liked when you guys used to cover the new stories/rumors etc. on the older shows. Again just covering a few of the really BIG news items at the start of the show or on the shorter second show as I suggested above. It's nice to get some insight and opinions on things from people who are more in the know sometimes.

4. I personally wouldn't want to see it done every show. Maybe once a month or every other show. Once a month could be a special show otherwise put out the apps and accessories being considered then have people vote and cover the most popular ones. You will also get questions from people on how to use it, problems they encounter, etc.

5. I like how it is now and I wouldn't change it personall. Though if asked "Every two weeks? Two hosts and a guest? Three hosts and a guest? Two hosts and two guests?" I choose all of the above just change it up to keep it fresh so one week if you can get one guest, two guests another etc.

6. If possible getting old co-hosts to be guests for an episode. A contest every now and then to have some listener to be a guest on the show or do some small part. Once in awhile some forward looking episodes where instead of talking about the iPhone now or even a year from now. Talk about what you envision or would be your future of tech and how you think we could get there. ie. What you imagine an iPhone 10 looking like? can you picture iOS 18?

Time is fine, I just wait for a more reasonable time here in Australia.

1 hour is perfect. Nice relaxed content so works perfectly.

Perhaps a bit more on Apps, not necessarily reviews but more about what the apps indicate for the broader market place or direction of technology. Perhaps with themes "what is the best travel app?"

More guests from other locations: Australia, Japan, China or elsewhere. Two hosts and 1 guest I think works well. Keeps things moving but keeps it fresh. Hint from Australia...

We do that on Debug and Iterate, and it gets really hard to coordinate time zones. That said, we certainly don't not want them on :)

Enjoy the show, would like to see more content on day to day uses and issues with the devices. ITunes and sync between devices for example, a little "how to", maybe demonstrating shortcuts and or bugs.
The analysis and thoughts on products and apps are great, and the length of the show is fine as well, in relation to Mac Break, the pick of the week segment is a neat idea. Would like to see your teams picks each week also.
Overall really look forward to the show each week, I watch it on podcast via Apple TV, keep up the awesome work.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment; I have read all the comments already posted and really have nothing more to add, I fully support the position of the commenters, I should add however that I listen and watch many of the podcasts/video cast and fully appreciate them. I also watch Macbreak Weekly for your input into the program, that upped it a notch. Thank you for all of your work and that of the team.

Great show! A couple of minor things.

(1) Dare I ask who your bandwidth provider is? Because, wow, podcast downloads are SLOW. I only subscribe to two video podcasts, iMore and MacBreak Weekly. I download the HD version of MacBreak (routinely 1.5 to 2 GB) and it is finished in a few minutes. But it seems to take forever to download iMore, which is usually a much smaller file. My podcast app (Downcast) times out frequently on the background downloads, and I keep having to wake it up to continue.

(2) I guess there are still no viable alternatives to Hangouts or Skype? Maybe it's a race to the bottom with those two services, but you seem to be forever having issues. Probably just need to wait for these things to get better I suppose.

(Bonus) We all love you Rene, but can we please retire the "my mom saw the iPhone 5c and thought Warhol / pop art" thing? I think we get the point. Just sayin'! :-)

  1. We're in the process of replacing our video host! And for just that reason!

  2. We have issues with Skype on MBW as well. They're both terrible, but both better than the alternative.

  3. Every show is someone's first! :p

1. Regarding a schedule - you can't please all the people all the time. Personally the current time slot works for me.

2. Length of broadcast - as a teacher of mine once said, "the length of a pair of pants, long enough to cover the subject." An hour is a nice length, sometimes the podcasts I listen to that are two hours, start to ramble. That said, if a topic requires you to go over an hour, then so be it.

3. I like the ability to hear each person's perspective on a topic. I would rather hear one topic in greater depth, than a bunch of topics quickly.

4. App and accessory reviews would be nice, but maybe once every few months or so.

5. I think one guest is ideal. You get more than one guest and sometimes the division of time becomes awkward. If I tuned into a podcast because "Adam Apple" was the guest but then all of his time was eaten up by the other guest, I would be disappointed. I think two hosts, maybe three, and one guest.

Keep up the great work!

#1 : don't care about the schedule, we are all busy and you are too so do it when you can. Just state a day and an hour and just do it.

#2 : I prefer a longer show than the current 1 hour. As Apple is a special company for us (and you too), it is important to emphasize on the little details that make it so special.

#3 : I prefer analysis over news. I'd love if you could stick to 2-3 topics at most and dive into it. It is always awesome when someone can give some insight.

#4 : I am not really interested in accessories. Maybe some cool gadgets once in a while but not really a section dedicated to this.

#5 : No more than 2 guests. It is always awesome to have another point of view but with too many guests, it can sometimes create some confusion and you can't really develop an analysis too much if there is too much disagreement between people.

#6 : you guys came out of nowhere. I never heard about you guys before, maybe, two years ago? And you are doing such a great work. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Thank you so much for everything you do guys.

I have given similar criticism to this in the past. I listen every week, but sometimes wonder why I do. There isn't exactly tons of real news on a weekly basis, so you probably need to sprinkle in app and accessory reviews. I think you need to rotate the guests as well. You should be on every week, and rotate seth, georgia, peter etc.

An hour-ish show is good in my view (ranging from slow news weeks = 45 to 50 minutes, all the way to jam-packed news weeks = 70 to 80 minutes).

I think guests should come on not too often (once a month?).

Accessories maybe could be dealt with by subject (top "what-have-yous" out there) or face-offs... So let’s say there’s a new product out; The "Turbobooster Thingnamagig3000" and it is making a splash in the community, you could have a look at it and compare it to other "Turboboosters" out there and see how it stacks up and everything. Ho, and do accessories every other week or once a month...

I have to get my kids from school(s), so the 4 PM EST works greatest [snickers] for me.

I like the 1hour length and if it just happens to run long because it's such a great cast... So be it! :D

3. & 4.
I love having time to process & contribute to what news is being discussed. Maybe from a magazine styled report where there are a hand full of quick note/articles, a primary/showcased feature, and then the "ads" in the back end - app & product reviews. Maybe the "Ask iMore" segment could fit in there somewhere too... Just before the App & product reviews, maybe?

Regarding guests, It's lots of fun to have guests enrich the podcast, right? Of course it is, but I understand that lining up guests can be tough. I'm happy with iMore providing guest whenever & however often iMore possibly can. As it stands I'm rather happy with the guesting format.

"400 episodes is a lot, and while we won't fix what isn't broken, we absolute will make it better! So what other changes would you like to see?"
Uh, go even more all out, Rene - animate your background a little more by having your iOS devices display, something. Slow transitioning light fades in the background as well?
Regarding the "iMore Show", what about the inclusion of pre-recorded segments that might assist in the conversations? Not commercials by any means but you're always filming fun spots on products and off-site interviews that might slide into the conversations as well to help illustrate ideas and bring support from industry pros who're not available to the iMore Show run times?
Also, what about impromptu, real-time polls to get viewer feedback on hot topics?

Foods for thought.

Great efforts and a thousand thanks to all involved in bringing the iMore Show to us humble mortals. :D

I usually listen to the podcast on the bus, and my commute is only c25 mins so each episode takes 2-3 trips. So I'm not fussed by the time it actually goes out live, or the total length.

While in some ways it was better under the triumvirate of Rene, Seth and Georgia - just came across really well - I appreciate that that's not feasible any more (pesky new jobs/offspring).

Definitely preferable now with a mix of semi-regular and special guests compared to the Rene monologues that we had for a while...

Some pet annoyances - guests who hammer away on keyboards when others (or they?) are talking. And some of the show floor ones are a bit chaotic (but probably better in video I guess).

Sent from the iMore App

First of all - I missed those days when Chad and Georgia were occasionally "bickering" about stuff. Team Pure vs Team Jailbreak, "infantasibily" tiny. In short - I missed Chad. It would be nice if Chad could become an occasional guest on the iMore shows.

Secondly - in my opinion, I think having only two people in all in the show (eg. Rene + one guest) is a little dry. I like the current format now where Peter, Richard and Ally make regular appearances. It would also be nice if there were occasional guests. But I think having only two people is insufficient. 3 - 5 people is just about right.

1. I listen to the podcast in my podcast app, so schedule is irrelvant, although I do appreciate a consistent date each week.

2. Love the 45min to 1 hour format, depending on the news of the week. I stopped listening to Macbreak Weekly for that exact reason, blah blah, blah, zzzzzzzzzz.

3/4. I agree with many of the other commenters, I like the current mix of news and reviews, but I would love to see some app and accessory reviews, perhaps on a slow news week you could pick a category and review several choices. Perhaps if an in depth discussion is needed, or you have a guest you'd like to speak more in depth, you could add the odd "special" episode randomly in the feed for a specific topic or news item.

5. Host and 2 guests seems to work best to get a mix of opinions without to much time wasted going off on unrelated tangents. Some related discussion is interesting, but sometimes its just plain boring or uninteresting for the listener (once again...Macbreak Weekly ... sigh)

6. If it ain't broke...don't fix it.

-I don't watch live, so I don't want to answer for those that do. However, a later start time (ET time) would allow me to consider it since I have a day job.
-I prefer longer podcasts because they help me get through several subway rides. I don't think you should force a longer show, though. Do what feels right for each episode. That's the nice thing about it not being TV.
-I like to hear a few topics with good discussion, along with major breaking news. The panel is smart (if sometimes ill-informed) and fun to listen to. Discussion stands out. There are plenty of places to go for boring rapid-fire topics.
-I am not personally interested in app or accessory coverage, other than major events (Facebook Paper, Pebble 2.0, etc). App reviews just get boring when it's not an app you are into. Perhaps do app picks and leave the rest on the blog?
-I'm a big fan of relevant guest hosts. A two host, one guest host format is nice. A small portion of the episode can be spent on whatever they're pedaling, but the rest should focus on the episode as normal (i.e. Macbreak Weekly).
-Finally, reader questions are great when they're smart. Questions about iMore's opinions on unannounced features (your grating adherence to NDA) are pointless. Questions beginning "Have you heard if..." are also useless. Questions about quick how-tos, favorite apps to do this quick task, or an accessory that might solve this problem are great and generally helpful to everyone.
-Oh, I have a Pebble, but talk about smart watches is so completely annoying. Maybe save it (and the endless plugs) for that forum and its podcasts.

Sent from the iMore App

to be really picky my ideal live slot is 9:30 cos i usually have stuff on thursday,i like the one hour format and everyone you have on the show is knowledgeable so it is very entertaining and interesting to hear you go more in depth. Not to fussed about the accessory and apps coverage unless it is part of a wider story or that you feel that you want other people to know about then i really would want it as to guests/hosts GET GEORGIA BACK and then a strong headmast of you peter and georgia and then guests occasionally unless it's particularly relevant to what your planning on talking about. Can i just say rene having been with you since tipb in 2010 and the iPad being just a rumour i'm very excited to be part of the development of the imore show! i still remember imore show 300