Force Unleashed in the iPhone App Store Now! (Updated With Preview Gallery!)

Outside Spore, and perhaps the recently demoed Need for Speed, there's no bigger game waiting on this year's iPhone horizon than THQ's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. And now it's available via the iTunes App Store.

We're already downloading and will be back with a review as soon as we can get with the dark side and bring some order to the galaxy...

You got it yet? How's it seem? Awesome like the original trilogy, or prequel city?

(And any sign of Lightsaber Unleashed yet?)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed preview gallery after the jump!


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Reader comments

Force Unleashed in the iPhone App Store Now! (Updated With Preview Gallery!)


I must have been half asleep to not have seen this one coming! Just got it and had a quick play, there's a lot of story to get through before you get to the actual gameplay. Drawing the moves on the screen is interesting and may mimic the Wii version (which should be popping through my letterbox on Friday). It does get a bit messy when you've got several enemies in the early part as the screen gets covered with the drawn moves. As a diehard Star Wars fan, I can see this being handy if I want a game when I'm out but I'm glad I'll have the full version on a bigger screen at home.

They should work it in a way that you can take your saved game from the Wii or whatever version you buy and put it on the iPhone and pick up where you left off and then transfer it back.
That would make it worth the download for me.

At what point do you start to get turned off by brands, etc that immediately turn to the new iPhone for promotional activities? I get that the game may be cool, but does that mean its cool for the iPhone? I have yet to see a "complicated" game like this one be anything more than a PR stunt.

I noticed a niche site yesteday which looked a lot like this, are anyone confident another person is not duplicating this internet site?