Game Center games begin to arrive [Gallery]

Ms. Pac Man from Namco is first out the gate with iOS 4.1 Game Center support, but there are plenty more to come. We'll update this post -- and we'll keep updating our new Game Center games tracker in the iPhone Forums -- as new ones arrive, but here's a first look at Leaderboards and Achievements... after the break!

For more new features, see our iOS 4.1 walkthrough.

[Ms. Pac Man on iTunes, thanks @neilwarner for the tip!]

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Game Center games begin to arrive [Gallery]


Gay....Namco is cheap and therefore won't get my money for overcharging just for a game that is like 30 years old.

Microsoft and Nintendo charge for old games through their respective consoles. The market has proven idiots will pay again again for 30 year old games. Apple is simply following the trend.

it is not apple following the trend... It is namco. Although I do see why they should put out these classic games but for 4.99 they can eat it. I am not downloading this just to geT GAMECENTER up and running immediately.

Its unfortunate that because they know they are the only game up right now they screw people and raise their price. I will NEVER pay more than $0.99 for a pacman game that I can plan on an Excel spreadsheet.

Game Center is a new social network created by Apple for games (much like Xbox Live & the PlayStation Network) on iOS. There are a number of features included; achievements, leaderboards, online multiplayer, auto match-making, etc. Game Center is now available to everyone with iOS 4.1 and a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Gen iPod touch, iPhone 3G[s], or iPhone 4; the iPad release is expected sometime in November along with iOS 4.2.
This is the Official List of games that support Game Center:
Ace Tennis 2010 Online°
Adrenaline Golf Online°
Angry Birds* [100 Achievements]
Bit.Trip Beat
Bomber Online Free°
Cocoto Kart Online°
Cocoto Magic Circus°
Cro-Mag Rally ---NOW LIVE!!---
DinoSmash Online°
Dungeon Hunter 2 [80 Achievements]
Enigmo 2 [90 Achievements]
Field Fencer° [10 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
Field Runners [100 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
Flight Control ---NOW LIVE!!---
GraalOnline Classic°
GraalOnline Classic+°
iFishing World Championship° [26 Achievements]
Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour
Ms. Pac-Man [25 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
Pac-Man [25 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
Project Sword*
Real Racing* ---NOW LIVE!!---
Super Mega Worm
Touchgrind ---NOW LIVE!!---
Truckers Delight: Episode 1
World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend [28 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
WordsWorth° [20 Achievements]
Icarus-X [30 Achievements] ---NOW LIVE!!---
Zen Bound 2 ---NOW LIVE!!---
Zentomino ---NOW LIVE!!---
° - Online Multiplayer confirmed
* - Online Multiplayer indicated
Developers, if you have a game that supports Game Center and is not mentioned, please inform me. As well, developers please correct me if I’ve made any mistakes with achievements and/or multiplayer info!
Also, if you see a game that supports Game Center, and the developer has made no mention around here, please, don’t be shy! Feel free to tell me! The longer the list the better!
Thank you.

I agree!
Like Mike says:
(September 8, 2010 at 5:33 pm)
Game Center Really Does Need Free Games!

So is there any multi-player games out yet? Achievements aren't particularly exciting for the most part.

They need to show what games are available in Game Center. No way am I gonna keep checking on the web to find out when one of the games I already own finally comes to Game Center.

This only reinforces the idea that Nintendo needs to strike a deal with Apple for their 8-16-64 bit games to become available on IOS. I know they are technically competitors, but how many people are really choosing between a DS and an iPhone/Touch/iPad? They are really separate markets. I, for example, have a 0% likelihood of buying a DS but would have a 100% likelihood of buying SMB 3 if it was available for iPhone 4. Big N is missing out on basically free money.

I'm not a gamer, nor am I a jailbreaker. Gamecenter is not something I would ever want or use. I'm sure it's good for those that want to use it... For me, it is a waste of space I'd rather fill with music. I'm hoping apple realizes this and gives me the ability to remove it if I don't want it.

my achievements for a game disappeared after I deleted the game, looks like Game Center has a fair bit to go before it even catches up to xbox live

I used to be so frustrated beacuse I couldn`t resolve this concern. Then I discovered your website in yahoo and difficulty is solved. Thanks!

We have Gamefly and they are so slow, it drives my oldest son crazy! So far I haven't found an alternative unless Blockbuster has games on their service like Netflix. I haven't checked into that yet.