What's your Game Center ID? [Waiting for games]

With iOS 4.1 going live, Game Center has gone live with it... well, except for the games part. Those will come any time now as developers and servers come online.

While you wait, let us know your Game Center ID in the comments below. You know, so you can challenge Jeremy to a Zombie shootout, or Chad to platform fun.

Here're mine and I'll add the rest of the writers and mods as they get setup.

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What's your Game Center ID? [Waiting for games]



I'm tvwonder
Now, how do I find Game Center games? When I click "Find Game Center Games" it takes me to Apple's web site with info. about Game Center, but nothing about where I can find the games. I'd think it would take me to the App Store in a section devoted to Game Center games or something.

Excited for this new way of interacting with other iOS's users... However, there are no games yet, so i'll wait!!! :(
Add me, my ID: hvm89

OK...now I feel like a dummy. I'm usually one who yells at commenters telling them to read the whole story! I guess I'll quietly wait for games like everyone else.

Hello guyes ..
my name in game center are (mfares)
please feel free to add me .. Mohamed from Dubai

Loads of updates have just appeared on iTunes... World series poker, flight control etc etc are all Game Center ready!

Add me, my ID is Spota. My best scores are at WSOP but have decent scores on others as well