What's your Game Center ID? [Waiting for games]

With iOS 4.1 going live, Game Center has gone live with it... well, except for the games part. Those will come any time now as developers and servers come online.

While you wait, let us know your Game Center ID in the comments below. You know, so you can challenge Jeremy to a Zombie shootout, or Chad to platform fun.

Here're mine and I'll add the rest of the writers and mods as they get setup.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 473 comments. Add yours.

Kyle says:

Mine is klcrow8690. when I get it set up of course.

Samir says:

cause i am indian. ha ha

Louington Ackbar says:

Same as my twitter name, It's an old weird nickname...

Fahad says:

Nickname : theFahad

Gareth says:

mad_cyril same as my twitter and, of course, a top tune by the Happy Mondays !

Adam says:

iBrailie :) love me some zombie shooting!

Matt says:

My GC name is mattant19
Add it up!!

Drew says:

Nickname: drew801
Follow me on twitter to: @drew801

Got the Shakes says:

Mine is Got The Shakes(with spaces)

Bill says:

mine is WFM
Waiting for the GAMES!

Dylan says:

Deeaich Sneaks
add me up

Jindofox says:

(follow me on Twitter, too @jindofox)

Mark says:

Mine is magnumflyer let's rock

Wii60KiD says:

Wii60KiD, same as XBOX Live.

Ian says:

Feel free to add me ;)

David S says:

I'm tvwonder
Now, how do I find Game Center games? When I click "Find Game Center Games" it takes me to Apple's web site with info. about Game Center, but nothing about where I can find the games. I'd think it would take me to the App Store in a section devoted to Game Center games or something.

iquinn says:

Game Center Name: sincitymac

taylordo427 says:

game center name: taylordo

Alex says:

mine is The_Keaninator

David says:

kryptyc same for twitter and a few others

Jessie says:

I'm Jessica Meshaw
Original I know. :)

Anthony says:

My gamecenter name is aherr44

niko360 says:

rags27 send me a request

Harold says:

Excited for this new way of interacting with other iOS's users... However, there are no games yet, so i'll wait!!! :(
Add me, my ID: hvm89

Lucca Mezzacappa says:

Mine is: luccamezz
Add Me! =]

Chris says:

Username: ChrisPKyle
West Yorkshire, UK

Keith says:

add me @ thaboykt.. i need friends

David S says:

OK...now I feel like a dummy. I'm usually one who yells at commenters telling them to read the whole story! I guess I'll quietly wait for games like everyone else.

Greyscale says:

As I said on the previous post, mine is KurtainZ, feel free to add.

Max says:

Mine is Badabing.
From Quebec city
Add me!

Lorin says:

My ID is Lorin Bute

Mfares says:

Hello guyes ..
my name in game center are (mfares)
please feel free to add me .. Mohamed from Dubai

Aaron says:

Mine is *
from Derby, UK

drewspr00 says:

Mine is drewspr00. Add me!!!!!!!! =)

born2vape says:

born2vape. fyi vape means i use an electronic cigarette.

AJ says:

AdamS add me please! Waiting for games!

Anonymous says:

Ms. Pac-Man was just updated to support Game Center.

Gary says:

What's up people?! My Game Center id is G Robes. Hit me up some time.
North Carolina

gary says:

add me too... gwcheney

Joel says:

Game Center ID: inyoface
do NOT add me

MaleDR says:

My is MaleDR..... add me

Dimwit says:

Northern Illinois

Adam says:

adamsass ......Do IT!!!!!

rjmccollam says:

RJM is mine. Really interested to see if people can find me that way.

Alex says:

Mine is alexcazaroti

Allen says:

From Minneapolis ID: YeahYeah hit me up sometime just not all at once ha ha

Tom says:

Hey, mine is TakerFan

thebrain2u says:

Ah, community.
Add me as thebrain2u

kenpryor says:

Mine is KPAK... Add me.

Julio says:

Add Me: Zekk
I'm from Puerto Rico!

AnglSprtn says:

AnglSprtn feel free to add me

Cruncher says:

my GameCenter nick is "Cruncher" like my normal Nick. Feel free to add me!

@blakeway66 says:

my apple id is blakeway add me

Matt says:

ADD ME - theappleton

Edgard says:

The Max summit me also, let play

Edgard says:

sorry.. LETS PLAY. where are the gamesssss, Epic pleaseeee The Max

Geeza says:

Feel free to add me! - Geeza <--that's my game center name >_>

John says:

Add me to your friends in game center: My nickname is: JP4

Geeza says:

Geeza is the name, feel free to add!

Simeon says:

Waiting for new games but my nickname is Simeon feel free to add me

Nick says:

Feel Free to ADD ME: yonico751 !YAY!

Shaun Pour says:

Go ahead and add me @scpour

Kyle says:

My Game Center is up, add me.

Lou Spoop says:

My name is Lou Spoop. Hit it up!

Shaun Pour says:

Actually it's just scpour. Sorry about the typo.

Michael says:

GameCenter ID: Everyone

Sean says:

I need some friends, add me please: chihuahua

Louden says:

Louden...........please add me

Geeza says:

Add me im geeza, ill be posting the GC games as my status as i discover them

JustinTime says:

JustinTime add me please

Matt Hall says:

Mattitude add me I have no friends!

Mist1 says:

Add 'mist1' please. Thanks.

Randy026 says:

Mine is randy026 !! Add me

jedibex says:

Mine's jedibex - add me!!!

George says:

Pribbleg1 .... Add me!!

Joseph says:

Hey guys :) I'm genesis1982

Scott T says:

Add Me! Scott2112 only game on game center right now is Ms pac man

Sean says:

Chihuahua...add me please

Blkman184 says:

blkman.....add me please

Oliver Haslam - @theiBlog says:

I'm pimping mine everywhere so - OliverHaslam :)

Dan Perez says:

Ok, that stupid trumpet is definitely the new vulvuzela...

WB says:

add... Barack-YoMama

Indiejuan says:

Add me guys. ID: jguevara1990

influenceuk says:

influenceuk - Feel free to add

John says:

Request me. My nickname is: JP4

influenceuk says:

I am wondering if there are any limits to the amount of friends you can have, i think xbox did or does!?

Dana says:

Hit me up, Dana_Dane

jayveejvut says:

Mine is Manchester United 48JV add me

shaolinfinest says:

shaolinfinest, I'm from Miami living in Charlotte area

influenceuk says:

do-do-do do-de-dooo (not my ID btw lol)

influenceuk says:

Loads of updates have just appeared on iTunes... World series poker, flight control etc etc are all Game Center ready!

WB says:

What games have online mulitplayer like Archetype?
add: Barack-YoMama

Leo says:

Game Center Id - JQUEZ

Sean says:

Chihuahua...be my friend

Dip says:

DipG - Add me and be my friend :)

Garrett says:

Do you have to own the app for it to appear in the game center?

Ryguy says:

Add me -- rythemailguy

Allen Salyer says:

Mine is SH1NTA07. Add me so i can get some options and play some games with ppl :)

influenceuk says:

@Garrett looks like it mate. I had a load of updates, and now games are appearing in my Game Center.

melb_guy says:

LWoolley - Feel free to add me!

Raymond B. says:

Raoul21186 feel free to add on gamecenter or xbox live!

Alex says:

Add me!!!! AdFar <--- name

Stu says:

Add me, my ID is Spota. My best scores are at WSOP but have decent scores on others as well

Jim says:

Add me: nettletontony