Gameloft set to make iPhone, iPad games epically Unreal!

Gameloft set to make iPhone, iPad games epically Unreal!

Gameloft has announced that they'll be bringing Epic's pixel-popping 3D rendering engine, Epic Unreal 3, to four iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad titles:

Gameloft penned a long-term, multi-platform licensing agreement with Epic Games, Inc. Whew! This agreement enables Gameloft to incorporate Unreal Engine 3 in four new games, two to be released in 2011 and two in 2012.

You can currently see the Epic Unreal 3 Engine in the free Epic Citadel demo and the Infinity Blade game. So which Gameloft games do you want to see get the Unreal treatment? NOVA, Asphalt, Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter... or something new?


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Justin Fowler says:

Modern Combat, NOVA 2, and Asphalt would be cool! Oh, and Starfront would be interesting as well.

Josh says:

HAWX 2 mobile, if they make it.. And Modern combat..

scientist88 says:

NOVA! and make the last level easier ;)

Coby says:

I usually here this tag to my friend “Good cell phone accessories and application can enhance the experience of using a good cell phone” and I absolutely agree 100 percent.

jcrl says:

Nova 3
modern combat 3
And asphalt 7
That would be awesome

zero credibility says:

something new ! , i'm tired of all these rehashes , please don't let the gaming industry go the same way as the movie industry.

G says:

I saw a preview for Gameloft's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard game just before and it looks really cool. I need to buy it to support the franchise because I've been DYING for a console R6 as it's been three years since R6 Vegas 2 came out!

Alex says:

Modern combat!!!!!! Add me prospereagle24 and I'm level 62

snipersk11 says:

We need modern combat 3 in a big way,so please devs let's see it come out soon,and by the way rainbow six is an awesome game.

KoRoV says:

HERO OF SPARTA 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Braun says:

Moder combat for sureeeeee