Gameloft shows off Gangstar Rio: City of Saints trailer teaser [video]

Gameloft has released a new trailer for its upcoming Gangstar Rio: City of Saints game. The trailer offers slightly more than the usual run of the mill marketing promo. This one offers full in game footage and it looks really nice. Well nice in the graphics department anyway, beyond that, it’s all fast cars, guns, helicopters, tanks, rocket propelled grenades and explosions.

Gameloft hasn’t announced when this one will be available; except that it will be “Very Soon”. Hopefully it will be released as part of its holiday line up. It will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  A word of warning, the trailer contains a bit of strong language!

Source: touchArcade

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Gameloft shows off Gangstar Rio: City of Saints trailer teaser [video]


I saw a trailer, it looks good. I felt that as I was watching an action movie. The graphics of this game looks good, it seems that this game will be more fun to play around.