Games Way More Popular on iPhone than Other Smartphones

Mplayit App Stats

Anyone surprised that games are way more popular on the iPhone than on competing plaforms? Mplayit has put out some interesting stats, not only on what apps are popular with their Facebook sharing users, but what kinds of apps are popular on the various platforms they monitor. While on Android and BlackBerry, non-game apps account for 83% and 67% of popular titles, on the iPhone they're only 36%. That leaves 64% for games.

That might be a concern, frankly, if the numbers weren't north of 150,000 leaving plenty of room for great productivity, utility, social networking, and other apps in addition to the increasingly good games. Embarrassment of riches indeed.

Check out the graphic above for the full breakdown. Time for Android and BlackBerry to get their game on, or does Apple really enjoy the lead Steve Jobs keeps saying they do?

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Games Way More Popular on iPhone than Other Smartphones


I just took a look at my cousins android phone, it's actually kinda nice, if I didn't have an iPhone and I was looking at getting a smart phone, I'd actually consider getting one instead of an iphone like him and my brother did yesterday. I hope apple brings it with 4.0.

So 64% of apps installed on the average iPhone are games? That tells me that iPhones are more of a toy than anything else. That number also says that people use their iPhone aren't aren't interested in using it as a productivity tool, but a simple time waster.

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@Macboy15 But the iPhone doesn't really feel like a smartphone more than half the time. I hold it in my hand and there's times I think that it's not a smart phone because of it's simplicity.

That's what happens when you have to cater to the lowest common denominator of smartphone users, those who are better suited for a feature phone.

Why does a smartphone have to be hard to use and no fun? Yes the iPhone caters to feature phone users but it's also incredibly powerful and you can do just about anything on it that you could on any smart phone.