Give Away: Slide-a-ma-jig game for your little ones

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Slide-a-ma-jig $0.99 [iTunes Link] Here is a game for the newest of iPhone users. You can slide your finger on the screen to switch 30 different creatures body parts as well as tap a button for different backgrounds. Give the iPhone a shake and you will see a random creature appear. There are sound effects as well to go with your new creatures.

To find out more about the application and how to enter the giveaway, stay with us after the break.

I have my own little ones try out the application and my 4 year old stated, "Oh this guy is really silly, I like this game." My one year old was able to swipe through the various body parts but then started to teeth on the iPhone and I had to take it away. That being said they both seemed to enjoy the game, though if you give your iPhone to your one year old, its at your own risk...

On the Lucky Radish Amusements website website they also have a printable template where you can create your own pen and paper slide-a-ma-jig.

For the giveaway, let us know how keeping your little one occupied will make your life easier and we will chose three of the comments at random to win.

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Give Away: Slide-a-ma-jig game for your little ones


My kids LOVE my iPhone!!! I have 4 pages of games just for them and on three pages of stuff that I use, and the phone is topic of everyday discussion! The first thing they ask when they wake up... "Dad, can I play a game on your phone?" then the first thing they ask when I get home from work... "Dad, can I play a game on your phone?" then the first thing they ask.... well you get the picture! Anyway, they are 7, 5, & 2 (though the two year old isn't that interested yet, he just pretends to have phone conversations on it).
Hook me up with one of those codes!!! :)

I use my iPhone to stream cartoons to my 2y old son from YouTube or using airvideo app, right from my pc! He also enjoys moving letters around in the FirstWords app.

Are you kidding? The iPhone is the best kid keeper.
oldest boy,6=voltron app,transformer cybertoy.
Middle boy 3.5 autism child =Thomas gamepack,YouTube
little girl 1.5=campa,animal farm
all three slacker radio thanks to tipb giveaway

The best life saver in times of need, doctors office resturants or just when we have a little fun time. She loves peekaboo barn and all the Dora and yo gabba gabba videos I can put on my iPhone

My 7 year old listens to music, plays various games (unblocked, tictactoe, paper toss, to name a few), and my 2 year old plays toddler shapes and lightsaber, as well as watching sesame street and miss pattycake on youtube. They both like to watch the cartoons I have saved while we wait for doctor check-ups/visits.

YouTube Sesame Street clips! I'm surprised "Elmo's Song" isn't burned into my iPhone's screen.

My niece and nephew actually have a blast with the iphone. They are 5 year old twins. More than anything they love to dance around to music playing from the phone's ipod.

forgot to say how i use it we play disney mickey mouse play house and have a app called kid art that he can draw with his finger. we are trying to help him with talking so we also have a flash card app.

My four and a half month old likes to use paint apps and go through flashcards as well as a number of recent times where he flipped through the pictures of his cousins on my phone :).

My iPhone has saved me from screaming fits in countless situations with an almost 3 year son. He has gotten to the point that he knows exactly what my iPhone is and can even operate it with more dexterity than my wife! He can unlock it, move to the home page he wants, select the App he wants, and then orient it to landscape mode. We started with the simple noise maker Apps and then settled into the Apps from DuckDuckMoose which are awesome. They keep him occupied for enough time for me to get what ever it is I need done. Also watching little personal videos or 30 minutes TV episodes of cartoons has gotten through many nights out at restaurants, hair cuts, car rides before we got a DVD player, and even getting his upper lip sutured in the ER! My iPhone has been invaluable in surviving a toddler. Also it is great for killing time for me too when I am at a playground with him or out for a walk!

I have three kids and three iPhone 2Gs (hand-me-downs), and I've kept them busy with kids games, Disney movies, The Smurfs and Snorks, and and drawing programs.

My 1 year old loves the iPhone. My wife has all sorts of games she can play on her iPhone. we were shocked about a month ago to find out that our 1 year old had actually learned to "Slide to unlock" the iPhone. So, it sounds like this game would be right up her alley.

This would add nicely to the collection of kids games that keep my 2 year old occupied when I need a few min to my self

My 3 yr old takes over my iPhone, he has 5 full pages of games, and loves to watch videos on it as well. He is the "King" of the iPhone, he can work it better then most adults!!!!

I just bought a iPod Touch for my 2 year old - I would walk in the door after work, and she'd say "Daddy!...I want your phone!". She plays games, watches movies, makes accidental phone calls, everything!

I generally don't like giving my kids our iPhones (wife has one as well). My wife got the Koi pond app as a relaxing thing for herself and a way at ribbing me ("If I cant get a pond of my own I guess I can get one in my phone"). Anyways, my 3 year old asks constantly to see the fish in mommy's phone.

Thank you for pointing out another great app for toddlers, and even more for inspiring all of these comments so that I can look for even more. I have a two year old who LOVES "school time" where she plays with kidpainter, feed me (highly recommended as a fun learning app!) and First Letters. I have several more, such as tappy tunes, which I think is great, but she gets bored with.

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Love Bionic. Stripped of course rocks the house any day. I mean Can't Hold Us Down, Walk Away, Fighter, Dirrty, Beautiful, The Voice Within to name just a few incredible songs on that album! WOW! Will this song be in the opening credits?

I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this blog. Keep up the good work.