Halo: Spartan Assault announced for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, will we see it for iOS?

Microsoft has announced Halo: Spartan Assault, a top-down action game exclusively for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. There has been a lack of exclusive games that would bring users to their mobile platforms, but Microsoft is undoubtedly hoping that the Halo name is big enough to do this. But could we see it on iOS?

Honestly, we can't really be sure. But we got Kinectimals, so it's just a matter of time until Spartan Assault makes its way to us iOS users, right? Well, it's all about priorities for Microsoft right now. They need to get phones and tablets into the hands of consumers, and Kinectimals was never as important to the company, both psychologically and financially, as Halo. But it would be odd not to try to get Spartan Assault on iOS and Android at all, right? That's where the real mobile gaming audience, and thus, money, is, so why not go after it sooner rather than later?

Perhaps the answer is in Office. Office is taking its sweet time expanding to other platforms, and Microsoft even uses it as a selling point for tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT. Microsoft seems to see Office as important enough, and enough of a differentiator for their platform, that people will ditch iOS and Android to use it. Regardless of whether or not that strategy will work out for Microsoft in the long term, they might view a Halo game on their platform the same way.

Halo is a system-seller, a game that people buy an Xbox just to play. Microsoft wants Spartan Assault to be a game like that. There's little doubt that they want other games to release for their mobile platforms first, or at least well in advance of their rivals. Microsoft is probably working very hard, using the relationships that it has forged with publishers over the years, to get major, triple-A titles on their mobile platforms. They don't want Spartan Assault to be a one-shot, so they'll do what they have to in order to expand the Windows Phone gaming ecosystem.

If I had to guess, I'd say iOS users will eventually see this game, but it won't be soon. But right now, Microsoft is hoping that you want things like Office and a Halo game badly enough to ditch your iOS devices for Windows. Do you? Would you switch for Spartan Assault or games like it? And does that mean Apple should start looking for a monster exclusive gaming franchise of their own?

Source: Windows Phone Central

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Halo: Spartan Assault announced for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, will we see it for iOS?


While halo may be a popular franchise, it doesn't mean this game will attract that audience. It's an overhead shooter unrelated to the original story or a side story. Halos gameplay and story is what makes halo popular, not just any game with halo on it. If I owned a windows phone would I get it? Yes. I actually have windows 8 on my desktop PC and a touchscreen monitor so I will likely get it for that. But will people switch from android or ios to windows phone for it? Doubtfull. Not many people like wp8. I even try to defend it as it does have some awesome features! People just aren't liking the metro design and the way it works. I don't blame them either. Metro is a bit too simple for my tastes. I feel like it would have been more suited 15 years ago when computers couldn't handle graphics as well.

I posted on facebook and already many are excited enough to drop their current phone for Halo alone!!

Also ,Halo is a first-party title, so it doesn't make any sense for Microsoft to port it to ios and the freeloaders on Android.

Depends how much Microsoft plans to push Xbox Live cross platform. Wordament isn't going to attract anyone really, but Halo could be a massive win on that front

At the end of the day Microsoft is a software and services company. So we'll probably see it on iOS/Android/Xbox One around the holidays.

I absolutely LOVE the Halo franchise, and actually glad to see MSFT finally release a Halo title for their own WP8 OS (which I also happen to like along with iOS), and would like to see it ported to iOS, but I am almost sure MSFT would like to reap the benefits on its own system first for a good while before considering a port.

But you never know........

That tactic worked w/ the console wars. Who would have thought that Microsoft would be the console leader after the significant dominance of Sony Playstation. All it takes is one hot marketing item for the tides to change. Complacency can be a business killer. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all fell victim to it, leaving Apple and Google to take risks and become the industry leaders. I'm a huge Apple fan and I have a terrible feeling in my stomach that Apple is starting to become to reserved. I hope I'm wrong and am looking forward to WWDC for proof of that.