Notes lets you collect all your words, images, videos, links, lists, locations, and more, all in one place, and sync them across all your Apple devices.

With the new Notes app for iPhone and iPad, you can still type out whatever you like but now you can add hand-drawn sketches as well, so your visual ideas get saved right alongside your text. You can format with common styles, use bulleted or numbered lists, and even create checklists to keep track of items right inside your note. In addition to photos, you can now embed video, audio, locations, web links, and documents so you can collect everything you want to keep together all in one place.

Notes also syncs with the Mac and with, so you can access your information from all your Apple devices and from the web.

It makes notes much more than a way to collect text. It makes notes a way to collect and keep everything that's important to you, whether it's for a project, a trip, a journal, or your next big idea.