iMore show 338: Pre-post-PC

Rene and David Chartier talk about Google getting into premium hardware with Glass and Pixel, much as Apple has moved into services with iCloud. Also, the case for user-defined default apps, and wether multitasking matters on the iPad.

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Rene Ritchie

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iMore show 338: Pre-post-PC


It's not so much multitasking as it is efficient task switching. An OS that maintains consistent session state for some or all of the current running apps and services enables the user to quickly switch between them as needed or desired. Humans are actually very poor "multitaskers" and on a small form factor like a phone or tablet it's near impossible. The ability to move between apps without needing to refresh, reload, or anything else resembling backtracking through the application or thought process has real world value, however.

A multitasking OS, regardless of form factor, delivers a better experience for humans who often, or even occasionally, switch between tasks (meaning apps). That's the core reason why multitasking within a single user interface was invented in the first place.

How do you get your data off Skydrive? Oh, I know this... you copy it from one folder to the other. Seriously, guys, you can't go making strong statements if you don't understand the underlying tech. That's a basic feature of Skydrive, that it's not ghettoized, as you put it. It's a simple file system