iMore show 339: Innovative widgets

Jim Dalrymple from The Loop joins Rene to talk about stupid Apple headlines going mainstream, journalistic responsibility, responsive design, what's really challenging Apple, and vacationing down south in Montreal.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iMore show 339: Innovative widgets


I’m sorry guys, I listened to the show last night and all I heard was 45 minutes of whining. Yes, Apple has changed the world 6 times in our lifetimes…so what. Why not 16?? I’m a tech old-timer and this was like the whining I used to hear in San Jose in the early 2000’s when the bottom was falling out of the tech market for real. BUT, this slump in Apple has NOTHING to do with reality - it has EVERYTHING to do with perception. And in THAT town, San Jose, as in the frivolous walnut-paneled offices on Wall Street, day traders think you’re on a downtrend and NOBODY from the company has got the balls to stand up to these clown and tell the to stop - down you go…ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Tim Cook..toast… You guys..nada… Gruber… window dressing… Who’s left??

Very good commentary Gentlemen! However may I submit to you for your consideration that the way that the media is negative toward Apple of late is the way that they have been negative toward Republicans & Christianity for years.

Not exactly on news fabrication, but exaggeration is pretty common. Just to give an example, some years ago I worked for a government project and saw some protesters complaining - a few of them. Later, on the news, the way they took the pictures/videos made the protesters seem much more numerous then those that were actually there.

Ummm Apple hasn't done anything wrong other than break records and sell an ass-ton of product yet people are taking a dump on them.

I'm pretty sure when the media was hyping and only hyping Apple products, no one complained. Apple had a embarrassing map, had a weird release cycle, pissed its investors, spend most of the past year trying to kill off Samsung and other competitors, had to release the iPad Mini, the list goes on.

If you remember, Apple's stock began tanking before the iPhone 5 announcement. Then, the media was still praising Apple in every article.

Its not hard to see. Apple's competitors are either at the same level now or higher, people are realizing there is more (good) options than just iOS.

I'm sure the media exaggerates stuff but really its Apple's own decisions. Hopefully iOS 7 will be a big improvement with no Maps-disaster. Its not a matter if Apple can do it, its a matter if they will.

Honestly, I thought I found a sweet Apple news site in imore but this just threw that out the window. The press has been on Apples nuts for how long now? Remember Zune? A way better device than the ipod back then and it got schit on because it wasn't Apple. It's the way of the world now. Get over it.

What world are you living in now and what world were you living in then? If the Zune was better it would still be around. The Zune was a giant piece of junk hence it's disappearing act.

Am I supposed to respond with something equally cliched and trite like "haters gonna hate, toot, toot".

Please leave fanboy comments at the door. What facts support your case?

Oh come on Rene! Are you telling me your show wasn't just an hour of you basically saying "anybody who says something bad about Apple is either a hater or looking for page views"???

Yes, I'm telling you exactly that. The Wall Street Journal isn't a "tech blog", they're regarded as a paper of record. When they put up a story saying Apple cut orders by half due to weak iPhone demand, right before quarterly results, changed the story without indication, that's HUGELY concerning.

And it would be regardless of whether or not it was Apple, Google, etc.

I'm also saying your response is lazy :)

We spent an hour citing specific examples and explaining, specifically, why we took issue with them.

What facts support your view? All you've done is misrepresent the show and its content.

Something was wrong in that show. It didn't stimulate and it didn't inform. These are the reasons I listen to you Rene. I stopped listening in boredom and severely irritated frustration half-way through.

Seriously, if you want to hang out with a buddy and lament how the previously highly favorable media has turned on the company you both love/are invested in - please do. Grieve away, but to present it as critical acumen via a podcast, please no.