iMore show 351: The flattening

David Barnard of App Cubby joins Rene, Peter, and Derek to talk about Tim Cook at D11, the Apple TV, open APIs, wearable watches, glassable glasses, future Mac Pros, trendy designs, and more!

Got something to say about the show? Love/hate the new format? Agree/disagree with something we said? Speak your mind in the comments and we'll read the best ones next show!

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iMore show 350: All-new!

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iMore show 351: The flattening

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I agree with what Peter said about deejay being one good example of skeumorphic design that provides decent user experience. Another example I could find is GarageBand. Real-world metaphors could be good sometimes. And I strongly believe Apple wouldn't go all-out flat with iOS 7. Throwing out gloss and gradient is more than enough in my opinion.