iMore show 358: No more secrets

Rene and Peter talk about shoddy statistics, Nexus 7 vs. theoretical Retina iPad mini, thumb-print scanning, Moto X vs. the upcoming iPhone 5s, the idea of "always listening", as well as games and apps of the week!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iMore show 358: No more secrets


Rene, I am having major problems streaming this show on the iMore site and on youtube. It seems the video will not buffer, so it cuts out, stops and then starts with no audio. I checked multiple videos on youtube and have had not problems with buffering. Love the show hope I can last through the pauses.

That's weird. Sadly, we have no control over YouTube. Try going directly to and watching there? Or on another browser?

One video should be the same as the next.

Finally finished watching on my ATV did not have a problem with that. Oddly I just checked again the iMore site and youtube are both buffering fine now, odd.

Hi Rene. Big fan of your show. The point of having a "retina display" on the mini is first : strategic for apple in regard of competition, two : is your guest, which discards or disregards the importance of display sharpness, is Peter thinking that an iphone 3g's display better than the iphone 4's and later ? and finally : Many people like to READ in these machines. A retina display in an ipad mini is REALLY the thing to do since any other innovation is nowhere to be seen. Now, regarding the business model of AAPL, well, I suppose that they have the money tech to afford stepping even stronger in this 7 inch tablet market. Well maybe Peter is a shareholder. In this case, he outta push Apple to be more aggressive in this matter. Anyway, we're gonna pay at least a hundred/hundred fifty bucks more than any product coming from the competition.

Yours truly

I was quite surprised and will surprisingly (first time ever) disagree with a couple of points on the show.

1. The need for retina - this is NOT exotic. I will never buy a mini until it Is retina, and I hear real people saying the same thing, and I read about others saying the same thing. I could live with non retina if I didn't get so used to retina with the last THREE iPhones. Rene, it sounds like you agreed with Peter in principle, what happened to "sandpaper on the eyeballs' (almost wrote iBalls, but didn't look right!). The other place this has an issue is side by side in the store. I find newbies don't notice on a photo, but bring up the New York Times homepage and they are convinced. I've done this with friends and it demos the difference for them clearly.

Also, merely for competitive reasons they must move on a retina mini. Only the geeks will allow the excuse that a nexus only has 3/4 the pixels. That is great knowledge to explain why it is harder to create, but won't matter in the market where nobody understands the difference.

I will give apple an out by making the mini 2 a little thicker on a retina version as the retina is more important to me than absolute thinness - they can add that back the following year. While I like thin, Apple has given it a slight overweighting in the power/battery life/thinness triangle that is beyond optimal in my opinion.

Price points
New iPad mini with retina - $399
iPad mini...drops to $299

2. The difference between the iPad 3 and iPad 4. It sounded like you thought the 3 was a mistake. Our house has a 3 and a 4 which are used interchangeably and nobody has even noticed a difference beyond the adapter. I will admit I am not a gamer, but the kids have never complained either. It sounded like you felt the third gen was a bit of a mistake that really needed to be fixed. I believe the trigger was simply driven by the lightning adapter and the power boost was necessary to market the entry into the line-up.