iMore show 363: iPhone 5S event preview

Rene and Peter, joined by Mark Gurman of 9to5mac, round-up all the rumors surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone 5s event including design, chipsets, radios, cameras, fingerprint sensors, pricing, and more!

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Rene Ritchie

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iMore show 363: iPhone 5S event preview


I wanna see that round iPad that Rene hinted on MacBreak weekly.
It would be so weird, stupid and impractical, it would be awesome.
I want one. :D

I'm also looking forward to Apple's holographic iPhone - like that disk Qui-Gon had in Star Wars.
(You just know Cupertino's working on it.....)

What consistently fascinates me about these shows is the absolute cultural myopia that suddenly sets in the MOMENT anyone mentions NFC. Suddenly Rene is all like "it doesn't exist anywhere, nobody uses it" apparently forgetting that this system has and is being used by a majority of the 127 MILLION users in Japan and HAS BEEN IN OPERATION FOR YEARS AND SUCCESSFUL. There have been no major hacks and it's a nationwide system. This is not a magical case of a few users out there somewhere. This is an advanced nationwide system (and before you start assuming so, despite what tourists see, most of japan is actually not as close to as advanced as the US in terms of tech in daily life except the cell phones, it's just more concentrated in Tokyo - so tourists see that) - but this system is not advanced. It's simple, it's distributed and it works. It's safe and people love it. And it is NOT A TECH NOBODY USES. It's just a tech nobody you ever met uses because for some reason you ignore.