iMore show 379: Sensor sensibilities

Rene, Peter, Richard, and Ally talk about when the new Mac Pro might ship and which one to get, 4K displays, the future of sensors and iBeacons, alternative keyboards, and the picture messaging onslaught.

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steviet02 says:

I'm not sure if it's Instacast or if it's the production of the show but the constant popping in the audio makes this podcast intolerable. This is becoming a frequent occurance. Is this on your end or do I need to look for a different podcast app?


steviet02 says:

Scratch that last post.... I should have tried before posting, but I just tried to direct stream it and the popping isn't there.... Either my car or Instacast on my iPhone is injecting the pops.

Becjr says:

This is a really fun cast. I'm really excited about the vision of possibility for greater sensor aware context in the future of mobile devices.

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GuyBey0ndC00L says:

Just want to answer some of those questions why people might use CHAT Apps / other Services for texting, pictures, etc.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Xbox live, PSN. Just to name a few, are all little micro blogs, live chats, and different ways to communicate with people that are not your real (not yet) friends. There your online friends. Its like AOL or Yahoo chat rooms from back in the day. Only light years better.

I use Twitter for an Example:
You tweet something get a few replies from strangers. You guys go back and forth for a while, and start following either. Than you become great TWITTER friends. Direct Message either more and more. Couple months go bye your real friend now. Some become friends sooner, others longer. Now you both have either PHONE NUMBER. Text, pictures, Face-Time, and maybe even meat and hangout in the real world.

In the end you guys a REAL friends now that was once strangers from Social Networks like (example) Twitter.

I have friends I never meat in the real world. I knew them for over 5 / 6 years now. They are no longer my online friends there my REAL friends.

MooPenguin32 says:

Great show! Keep it up. Regarding Fleksy, it really is a good keyboard. When the stand alone app was first released, I showed it off to a co-worker by typing with my eyes closed. It was remarkably accurate. This makes it perfect for people with impaired vision. You also don't have to use the swiping gestures if you don't have to. While it may not be the perfect keyboard for everyone, I think they're on to something.

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