iMore show 403: WWDC 2014 preview

The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode Jim Dalrymple of The Loop joins Rene to talk about the Apple Store, Angela Ahrendts, and mobile payments, WWDC 2014, OS X 10.10 and iOS 8, the difference between Google and Apple, and more!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

iMore show 403: WWDC 2014 preview


Does Eric schmidt even have a big say at what goes on at Google. I think he just spends most his time talking about Google, doing Interviews etc I don't think he has huge say in Googles direction, that's clearly page and brin. Don't think you should hate and not trust Google because you think his evil. Btw any reason why you specifically say his evil. Has it got anything to do with that he was on apples board and left or got kicked out and went to google. I personally have no issue with trusting Google, reason because it's in Googles best Interest to look after our data and retain our Trust. There whole model is based on us trusting them. The moment they lose our Trust and start selling our data or losing it or not protecting than they will lose customers and it's much harder regaining Trust once you have lost it so as I said it's in Googles or any companies best Interest to not do anything nefarious with the data they collect. Google shows us ads which they control and imo that's not OK. I think the problem for some is that google will one day just take our data and use it to not show us ads but use it for evil reasons but I've not seen anything in Google that shows that's there plan.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I'm not sure what his current role is. Maybe a Google ambassador?

My only issue with Schmidt is that he says things he knows we know can't possibly be true or real, which makes me think he thinks we're idiots. "Privacy? Just change your name after high school!" "We're open and hence better!"

Lol I can't really defend shmidt, he does tend to say a lot of idiotic things.. Does seem to have calmed down a bit, maybe been told by page etc to not talk as much but yh agree when he talks it doesn't always look good for Google.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

He calmed down after visiting North Korea. Realizing that he will never win "most idiotic person" or "worst haircut" facing such competition made him more humble.

Another great episode Renae. It's great to hear Jim on the show again.

Sent from the iMore App

I'm sorry, but is their something I'm not understanding that Jim does about google? Seriously, hearing him talk you'd think they were actively doing evil and nefarious thing, but There's no evidence of it. He'll, the loop seems to have a google evil empire story daily. And I kinda think calling someone evil is unprofessional, no?

I just think people are letting their hypothetical what ifs go rampant when it comes to google. I personally think there doing quite a bit of good.

I agree. The anti-Google vitriol in this week's podcast was off-putting for me, and diminished the credibility of the guest.

I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. There are many of us who enjoy both platforms, and who look forward to both this and the Android Central Podcast. This week's iMore podcast was clearly biased against Google. If there is nothing news worthy to report, then say nothing and leave it to Android Central. This podcast was disappointing for me, a long time iMore listener.

How so? I mean, Apple gets knocked for being closed, proprietary, and arrogant. Google and Facebook get knocked for being creepy and violating our privacy.

Should the issues surrounding Google — which apply to Apple users as much as Android users — simply not be discussed?

Or are we all adults who can listen to a wide range of views, consider them, and then come up with better informed opinions of our own, pro or con?

Jim uses Gmail. I use Gmail and all the Google services. Yeah, he was highly critical of Google, but isn't that what we want? Isn't that discussion what we want?

I'm all for reasoned criticism (and there's plenty of justifiable criticism to be had regarding any of Google's--or Apple's--products), but ad hominem attacks on CEOs, and using terms like 'creepy' or 'evil' (or 'arrogant,' for that matter) is not useful to me, and no, it's not the discussion I want.

But that's the thing, there isn't really a issue yet. There's just a perceived "what if" issue. Google has done nothing nefarious with user data, it's not selling them to the highest bidder, or any of that. There just using it to try and make there products better. All I hear is just a bunch of fear, uncertainty, and doubt with no real world evidence.

Thanks, Rene! There is value in having a diversity of points of view. If someone like Jim could be balanced by someone like Jerry Hildebrand (on the same show), I think you would have a very effective show. By themselves, I listen to both the Android Central Podcast and iMore shows religiously. The old Mobile Nations integrated podcasts were valuable in that the platform-specific idiosyncrasies could be discussed in an open way.

I consider myself an Apple and Google fanboy. I simply enjoy both platforms. There are things about both I don't like. Hence, I have both platforms to try to cancel those negatives out. I owe a lot of my insight to the hard work done by you and the Mobile Nations team members.

I just felt I needed to say something.

I don't ever remember the Android Central podcast slate Apple like this. Disappointing and unprofessional when tech journalists descend into a the verge commenter level of name calling

Posted via the Android iMore App!

They're tech companies. We don't need to — and shouldn't! — fight for them. They should fight fiercely for us.

Is it our job to get angry if someone likes Coke more than Pepsi? Marvel more than DC? Fritos more than Doritos? Or is it their job to make the best soda, comics, and chips they can so they'll win us over?

Humans are tribal. I get that. We self-identify based on the goofiest of things. If someone slags Apple or Google or any of the companies I use, I feel the same gut instinct to defend them. But I force it down.

Android Central has very little cross-over with Apple. Apple doesn't make anything for Android.

iMore has HUGE cross over with Google. Google makes almost everything for Apple.

So, yeah, we discuss it on iMore and we get a wide range of views. That we discussed it on a Google Hangout shouldn't be lost on anybody.

iOS users have to choose between iCloud and Google services, Microsoft services and others. They need to be informed decisions. Apple charging $100 for 5GB should be argued about. Google's usage of our data should be argued about. It's important stuff!

It doesn't happen every show. Probably not even every 20 shows. But it's something you should want us to talk about, no?

Yes, and I don't think we're arguing that. We're arguing when someone calls someone point blank "evil" for no real reason, we're saying (or at least I'm saying) that type of one sided, frankly unprofessionalism should be reigned in. Really, I do like Jim in most cases, but I thought he was real off base in this show.

I'm an IOS and an Android fan, and love listening to shows like iMore and AC, for latest input and updates. Having heard some previous iMore-episodes with Jim Dalrymple, his type of input in this episode shouldn't be a surprise, sadly.

I had only heard Jim once before, but he kinda sounded like a paranoid crazy person. I cringed several times and I almost didn't make it through the show.

Posted via iMore App

This podcast was just about praising the greatness of Apple and its leaders. Horrible! I don't know why I keep listening to this podcast. Almost always a big disappointment.