iPad Apps are live in the iTunes App Store!

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Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has pulled the trigger and iPad apps are now live and good to go in the iTunes App Store.

If you're getting an iPad on Saturday and you want your apps hot and ready to load, go get 'em [iTunes link]!

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Reader comments

iPad Apps are live in the iTunes App Store!


Ah, to be young, and feel love's keen sting. Still waiting until after April (probably unitl Christmas), but I envy everyone else's enthusiastic infatuation.

Yeah, there will be a huge outcry about the expense of the apps. No more will you make impulse purchases at these prices.

They should have at the lest gave a discount to those people that all ready had the old apps !!!

I have like 8 updates saying ipad/support but they won't install on my iPhone anyone else having this problem??

Just had a bunch of apps get updates in the App Store. Unfortunately, it killed 2 of mine. Evernote and Dragon Dictation both got nuked from my home screen and won't re-install. WTF! They say "not compatible".

@CP - not sure how/why this should be true, but sympathize. For the rest, I just have to say I remember when the apps I needed were $99 to $500. You don't know how lucky you are to have been spoiled by 99 cent apps.

Seems the new versions of those apps require 3.1.3. I'm still on 3.1.2, so if I want my Evernote back, I need to upgrade. It'd be nice know that in advance!

Man, the app store was a mess before, it's a HUGE mess now with the iPad additions. They really need to start over and redesign that thing from scratch. Pretty confusing and unintuitive (ie. un-Apple-like).
I sure wish they had just made a completely separate iPad app store and not even brought up the idea of universal binaries (you could still get a credit for the other app by purchasing one for the other device).