iPhone Pwns Indie Gaming?

Apple's made a point to highlight gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch (the so-called funnest iPod ever), and six-months in, games still routinely dominate the App Store Top Ten lists. But what about outside the Apple ecosystem? How are iPhone/iPod touch games doing in the greater gaming 'verse? TUAW lets us know:

the iPhone more or less owns the finalist list for the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile category. 11 of the 14 contestants aren't on the Nintendo DS or PSP -- they're built and played on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

While Apple's taken (justifiable) hits for policing their store, we've heard before that it's nothing compared to hoops developers need to jump through to get in on the PlayStation or Nintendo action. Add to that a phenomenal SDK, great hardware, and that little App Store icon on every single iPhone and iPod touch (no UMDs or cartridges need be found here), and it makes for not only a killer offering, but pretty much brings the next, next generation in gaming home now.

So is anyone really surprised by this?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Pwns Indie Gaming?


sorry it will never provide the gaming experience of the psp... its almost the same as the gaming computers vs console debate. i have an iphone & a psp, i love both. get over it fanboys until this thing has some more memory it can't hang. most games on the iphone are pointless novelties anyway...

I think gaming on an iPhone can be great, but limited to a certain type of game. PSP and DS offer a more dedicated gaming experiance. The iPhone works great for games that pass time well. These types of games on phones are traditionally pretty mediocore, bubble breaker on Black Berry for instance. The iPhone's functionality lets it have more creative games and have them from independent game companies. I've been playing Jetset for a couple weeks. It's a great way to pass time when needed and this type of game could be done on a PSP or DS, since it needs the GPS from the iPhone.

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