New iPod touch Commercial... Again Focuses on Gaming

Apple really, really thinks the iPod touch is the funnest ever, and just so they're sure we know it as well, they've released a second 2nd gen iPod touch gaming music video TV commercial.

TUAW's commenters pointed out Apple has even gone to the trouble of setting up a special App Store gaming page just for the games shown in the Franz Ferdinand covered commercial.

Will these commercials help sell iPod's to more gamers? Take a bite out of the upcoming Nintendo DSi pie? Or, like with the iPhone, is focusing on apps taking away from the core purpose of the devices (media + internet)?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

New iPod touch Commercial... Again Focuses on Gaming


I think they may be using this whole gaming thing to tide people over until they actually update the iPhone.... @#@#@ i feel like it's taking forever... i'm starting to get anxious.
STEVEY!! we want the iPhone to be updated!!!

My gf was jealous of all my apps and seeing the commercials so I got her a touch for valentines (she didn't want a an iPhone cause of touch screen) now she plays the apps pretty much 24/7. I think the games is for people that want an iPhone but can't afford it. So they get touch and can still play

i wish the iphone at least had the hardware in the itouch my sisters itouch seems faster and more stable than my iphone

My opinion on it for games is quite poor. I'm into racing games, and there all terrible so far!

I think the apps for the iPod are actually pretty good, especially since the iPod Touch isn't built for just apps, its built for its main purposes such as listening to music.

Gaming is a feature on the iPod touch / iPhone . It's a music device. When they get GTA on it or mario kart , let me know.

What is that game where it has that kind of spaceship thing, or something?
Or what would be easier if someone gave me a list of the apps on that ad.

There's a link in the article that takes you to a page in the iTunes store with all the apps!

What is the song that has been running on all the iphone ads in the NCAA Tournament? It's not Franz Ferdinand.
Anyone have any idea?

The iPod touch is trying to become more of a handheld gaming device and rival those of the PSP, DS etc.
Not sure how well it will fare at doing that.

Bless god for flash cards, games are unaffordable nowadays and thanks to flash card stuff I can still game without having to pay tons of money.

I love the commercial featuring the song by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour! If you want to here more like i did check out thier myspace page!

i just want to know how 2 get 2 the page with all the apps from yhe commercials. also i read about a genius thing 4 the appstore. WHERE IS THAT???????!!!!?!?!?! btw, just so u peeps who read this know........this is NOT a dating website so the freak who was single domnt use this website 4 ur needs. get a freakin life!!!!!!!!!!

I love my ipod and i love the commercials advertising for them...the games are awesome i have like four pages worth of games other then the music for the ride in the car where you hook it up to the ipod slot and for exercising jamming out to your fav tunes the music is great, but other then that its the movie and games to get u thru the day weather it be at work or whatever the games are a sure way to kill time and a popular perk that would help to sell the ipod the games are great. If any one here who was wondering like me what were the names of the games in the commercials here are a few of them
and im a pc and i love my MAC ipod!!!!!

The new ipod touch commericail for the 3G one is "She's got me dancing" by: Tommy sparks Enjoy! I know I did lol