Mighty Fin for iPhone, iPad [giveaway]

Mighty Fin, the arcade game by Launching Pad Games, has been updated with universal iPhone and iPad support. The goal is to guide Fin through the water and collect bubbles.

I'm really enjoying Mighty Fin! The graphics are fun and the gameplay is both relaxing and challenging. It's a great little time killer.

Details, screenshots, video, and giveaway details after the break.

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Fin needs a vacation. He's signed up for Shady Sal's suspiciously cheap — and possibly deadly — Round the World Tour. Hey, money's tight when you're a working fish.

The controls are simple: touch the screen to dive and let go to soar through the air. Grab bubbles for a high score, leap over lighthouses, swim under icebergs, and try not to get eaten by hungry sharks! And now in Mighty Fin 2.0, dodge pirate cannonballs, ride futuristic hovercars, sail over ninja shuriken and evade gigantic sponge cakes in a soda stream sea!

  • Guide Fin through golden isles, arctic ice caves, vicious storms, pirate strongholds, ninja fortresses and into the future
  • 16 replayable levels that are never the same twice
  • Beautiful Retina Display artwork with eight completely different art and music themes
  • Collect over 60 souvenir costumes, disguises and vehicles, from sombreros to bunny ears to rockets to submarines
  • Compete for gold medals and high scores in three different modes, including the ultra-challenging Survival mode

Update includes:

  • Doubles the size of the original game!
  • Full Universal support for iPad!
  • An ocean of brand new art, music, themes, levels and costumes!
  • Beautiful full-screen Universal support for iPad!
  • Eight challenging new levels!
  • Four completely new themes with brand new art and music, including Pirate, Candy, Future and the formidable Ninja!
  • New music even for the old levels — every theme now has its own soundtrack!
  • Smoother gameplay, especially on 3G and iPhone 4!
  • 32 new costumes, disguises and vehicles, bringing the total haul to over 60!

The good folks at Launching Pad Games have given us a couple promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers! Since Fin is on a shady vacation, let us know where you would like to go on vacation for a chance to win! (To win a promo code, not the vacation of your choice).

Mighty Fin is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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I'd love to go to Bar Harbor, Maine for vacation. It's beautiful and very picturesque there. And if you're a hiking fan like me, Acadia National Park is right there. :)

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My dream vacation would be in my home state of Jalisco, Mexico. To be able to see alot of my familia andbe able to relax and enjoy life in a simpler form.

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I'd like to go to Narnia :)

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I really want to go to orbiting around the earth or Jamaïca

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I would like a vacation away from stress. Since I work at an airport, my desire is just to be at home, quiet, the smell of a lovely candle with some great things to read.

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hmmm, posted the same thing twice, but with different names.. tricky

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Since I work at a busy airport, I'd like to go where there is no stress. That means I want to stay in my quiet house, with some scented candles and some good reads.

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I'd like to go to Japan ... Tech country :D

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A vacation to sea world.

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It's Maui for me!
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Alaska. Definitely Alaska.

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I'd love to go to Costa Rica!!

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I want to go to Hawaii and play this game under water with a scuba diving kit.

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I wanna go to apple HQ for vacation ;)

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I think this game is good one and moreover it is affordable one. Thanks for sharing here.

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I'd like to go to Southern Utah for a nice trip through the bryce canyon and zion Nat'l parks.

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I'd love to go back to Costa Rica

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I want to go to Australia so I can see a kangaroo in the wild. :)

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I'd like to go to Mars..., Earth is too boring for me!!! :p

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