Move it On for the iPhone [Giveaway]

Move it On is a new iPhone game designed by a couple of teen developers and their company, Twirlbound Studios. Your little robot has malfunctioned and rides on continuously - it's your job to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

Try to get Ridebot as far as possible in this new and exciting game! Slide platforms, destroy crates and blocks, think fast while pressing buttons and shake your way through the level. With five sorts of randomly generated and differently triggered obstacles, Move it On guarantees an addictive and polyvalent experience! The five categories each contain many different obstacles.

  • A very cute robot
  • Retina graphics
  • Pickup and play!
  • Exciting and addicting gameplay
  • Lots of obstacles to pass
  • A couple of Powerups
  • Awesome achievements
  • Ingame list of Highscores and other statistics
  • Regularly updated (e.g. Twitter submission, Game Center support and refreshing graphical themes coming soon)


Twirlbound Studios has given us 5 promo codes to giveaway to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below!

Move it On is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

[App Store link]

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There are 24 comments. Add yours.

Princess Layal says:

Nice looking app. Would love to try it out.

Hussamoueini says:

Cool... I'd like to have this!

mrbrianwc says:

Looks like a cool game. I want it.

Michael Olsen says:

Looks kinda cool. I'd take a copy!

ricbon says:

robots!!!....who doesnt love robots!!

Mark says:

This will be the last time I ever enter these "leave a comment to win" contests. I never win!!!!! All things aside, I really want to win this game because it looks like it'll keep my attention for a little bit, and so I can say I finally won something!

Jim says:

Warning! Warning! Danger! This app will be cool!

Eric says:

Pick me. Pick me. Please.

tmbflyer says:

Little Robots are awesome

Creeper13 says:

i think should win one because im super cool!!!! ask my mom!

João de Matos says:

robotingly sayin', I AM ADDICTED!!

Truspec says:

Am I too late? I just want to play this game it looks so cool and I love the screenshots. And made by a couple of teen developers?? Pretty impressive!

Pnut says:

Looks really cool! Need a new game to play!

Info says:

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Jabaraku says:

awsome timepass game !!!