NOVA First-Person Shooter for iPhone Gameplay Footage

I know many of you have been eager to see some footage of NOVA after our preview the other day. Touch Arcade got some hands-on playtime with NOVA and all I can say in a word is: AWESOME. The gameplay is described to be very similar to Modern Combat: Sandstorm (which was listed in TiPb's Top 5 First-Person Shooters). Controls and even difficulty will be similar except this will be a much more run n' gun style of game over Sandstorm's more realistic and strategic approach. NOVA will also sport Online 4 player matches too. I sure hope this plays well, the jury is out at this time.

The game is supposed to launch before holiday 2009, so we should see it very shortly. One can only hope it has been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval.


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NOVA First-Person Shooter for iPhone Gameplay Footage


Shows what a ridiculous gaming platform the iphone is. Most of the playing surface is blocked by your thumbs requiring game designers to put all badguys front an center, and any side attacker is covered.
I haven't found a single shooter game for the iphone that is worth playing. Wrong genera. Wrong device.

Doom Resurrection did a good job when it comes to controls. Eliminating the need to "look" around made it very playable.