NOVA now LIVE in the App Store!

For those of use that have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Gameloft's NOVA, the day has arrived! This game looks to be the ultimate FPS for the iPhone with an unrivaled multiplayer experience. I have only had time to quickly run through the tutorial level, but so far, so good; I am hooked.

The game borrows heavily from Microsoft's Halo franchise to create a world where the space marines fight against an alien invasion. With a solid single player campaign, online and local multiplayer (the YouTube video above shows some of the awesome multiplayer action)and leaderboards, this is a game I will be playing for a while; and just in time for the weekend! What do you think of the game? [$6.99 - iTunes link]

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NOVA now LIVE in the App Store!


Such a wildly inappropriate use of the word "penultimate", I had to go back and re-read the paragraph several times to figure what the hell he was talking about. Is there anybody acting as editor at this site?

Anyway, I bought this game about 5 minutes after it hit the app store. So far I've only played a few multiplayer matches but it looked and felt great, although too many matches are set so that there no limit for kills/time. It's great but none of your stats ever record for purposes of the leaderboard because the game never ends. You can pick the settings when you host games yourself though.

How does this game play on the various platforms? Is a 3gs needed for smooth ganeplay or will an orginal or 3g suffice?
How does it handle in coming calls? Is playing your own music in the background a useful option and does it do it well?
What about performance when using Bluetooth headsets?

It came out ysterday. I already beat a few levels last night bu thanks for tellng us anyway.

I love this game! It reminds everyone of the legendary Halo game series.. Although I am having a little problem and I'm barely on level one haha.. You're supposed to go to some room where you hack into a computer, and unlock a door... Here's the problem, when I get near the computer, a red triangle with a circle around it shows up.. How do I hack into it??! I'm still stuck hahaha.. Any help?

you have to take the 4 mirrors from the side and make a box shape so that they will reflect the light from the ray around to the other box..

im stuck on level one i get into the room where u hack the computer and all that happens is the computer shows a red triangle surrounded be three curved lines HELP!!!!!

Those stuck at the computer, try tapping on the red triangle, or leave the room, at reenter it, after that the computer worked for me.