OnLive Streaming Gaming Shows off iPhone Use

OnLive on iPhone

As part of OnLive's intent to stream you your Crysis Wars over the internet (rather than on physical media like a DVD or Blu Ray), they've put together a 48 minute demo, including the use of their companion iPhone app. The iPhone part starts at 19:30 in, and they say latency over current 3G networks is still too high, but WiFi isn't bad (though the controls are "kinda funky").

The more interesting part of the iPhone experience, they claim, is the spectating stuff. We'd disagree. But what do you think? Do you want to get your video games streaming from a cloud server, rented like streaming Netflix rather than owned like traditional media? Let us know!

(Note: no iPhone friendly video, but we embedded the Viddler version, on the frame where the iPhone talk starts, below the fold).

[Gamertag Video via Joystiq via Engadget]

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jk says:

Im sorry i just dont buy into the cloud thing for these massive types of data hogs. Current 3G isnt fast enough to be effective to play streaming movies or games on yet. If WIFI is just an "OK" experience, why would anyone pain themselves to use it over 3G?
I prefer to have my apps and video on the device and run at optimum quality when I need/want to use them.

MrAnonymous says:

So your knocking a product before it's even available to the public?
Also, video isn't viewable on the iPhone.

websyndicate says:

Im very interested in this I would like to see how it pans out. I like to stream my music when I can and games would be even better if it all works out okay.

Paul says:

Looove the onlive idea. Looking forward to the service - no more need for a gaming computer.
Hope they get support from good game developers to bring new games the same rime they're released

yourofl10 says:

So, wait, is that an app demo for real?

jk says:

Not dissing the product at all, just the air concept. Itd be like playing WOW over dial-up, stutters, basically not playable. Current 3G isnt up to streaming games yet

Limegrntaln says:

(Note: no iPhone friendly video, but we embedded the Viddler version, on the frame where the iPhone talk starts, below the fold).