Publishers cut game prices, hope to secure top spot before App Store holiday freeze

Publishers cut game prices, hope to secure top spot before App Store holiday freeze

EA recently lowered the price of roughly 70 of their iPhone and iPad App Store games to $0.99, now Gamevil and Namco have also reduced their prices and as the holiday iTunes Connect deadline fast approaches, more may follow. Mike Schramm from TUAW explains why:

Apple is freezing the charts on December 23rd, which means that any games in the top 200 at that time will remain there over the all-important Christmas holiday, the point at which we've seen the biggest jumps in App Store sales (due to all the new hardware out there under the tree).

So when everyone gets their brand new iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and heads over to the App Store to get their game on, those top selling, top free, and top grossing leaderboards are going to be marketing gold.

List of Namco [iTunes link] sales after the break. Now who's next?


  • House of Glass – in-app purchase lowered to $2.99
  • BIT.TRIP BEAT Blitz – in-app purchase levels lowered to $0.99
  • BIT.TRIP BEAT - $0.99
  • BIT.TRIP BEAT HD - $0.99
  • Isaac Newton's Gravity - $0.99
  • Mishap - $1.99
  • Mishap for iPad - $1.99
  • More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawahsima - $1.99
  • More Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawahsima HD - $1.99
  • Mr. Driller - $0.99
  • Ms. PAC-MAN - $1.99
  • PAC-MAN - $1.99
  • PAC-MAN for iPad - $1.99
  • PAC-Match Party - $0.99
  • PAC-Match Party HD - $0.99
  • Pole Position: Remix - $0.99
  • Pool Pro Online 3 - $0.99
  • Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad - $0.99
  • Star Trigon - $0.99
  • Tamagotchi: 'Round the World - $0.99

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Reader comments

Publishers cut game prices, hope to secure top spot before App Store holiday freeze


At least a couple of the prices don't seem to match what I see in iTunes (via iPad). Ms Pac-Man, for instance, says it's $4.99 (iPhone-only, sadly).

I got cut the rope for my iPad for free. I think it was the Christmas edition or something, I'm not sure if there's a difference, I haven't played the regular one.
Between cut the rope and angry birds, Apple (actually the devs) has succeeded in making me enjoy casual gaming. Ive always labeled myself as a hardcore gamer, so that's a big leap. I even returned a Wii I bought a couple years ago

Hrm, Gamevil's on sale now. A lot of the things I got on sale for Black Friday are also on sale for Christmas. Plus, some items are on sale now that weren't on sale Black Friday. So I guess this is a learning experience. If you don't make the Black Friday sales, don't worry, you'll probably see them for Christmas as well.

I've bought several of the EA apps for my Ipad the past couple days. Wasn't about to pay $9.99 for them, so I'm glad they're on sale. Wonder how people feel about paying full price, then seeing a 90 percent price drop now? I'd would have been super pissed!!!