Bloomies game for iPhone - app review and give-away

Bloomies for the iPhone, from Phantoom Entertainment, is a time management or sim-style garden game. Your goal is to advance your garden by gathering more plants, bees and achievements.

Upon starting up the game you are taught how to plant a flower by touching the shovel and adding soil to set up the location. Then you choose your flower and place it in the soil. There is also a bee that gathers nectar, which you will use to purchase other bees and flowers.

Bloomies is a beautiful, easy to understand, open ended sim for casual and younger games who want the fun of building their garden without the responsibility of always having to log in to maintain it. If you go away for a little while and don't water your plants, they'll get unhappy but they won't wither and die, and will be ready and waiting for more when you return.

If you're looking for something more interactive and immersive, however, then this style and pace of gameplay may not be for you.

Video, pictures, and a give-away after the break!

[$0.99 - iTunes Link]


  • Lots of Achievements
  • Easy to play
  • Relaxing
  • Cute Graphics


  • Repetitive
  • Very slow game pace
  • Will not satisfy the hard core gamer

TiPb iPad 3-star rated

Now for the give-away: we have (3) copies of Bloomies for our faithful TiPb readers. Just leave a comment below telling me what you like best about sim-style games and be sure to include a real email address (we won’t make it public but we will use it to notify you if you win!). Get to it!

(Note: Unfortunately, Promo Codes only work in the US App Store, so if you don’t have access, you won’t be able to claim a prize. Apple's rule, not ours.)

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Reader comments

Bloomies game for iPhone - app review and give-away


I really enjoy simulation games the most because in a small way, it allows us to try on different personae and get the opportunity to try things out in the "sim world" that we wouldn't do in the real world. It's a nice way to de-stress and use our imagination in a way that we may not have been able to do since we were kids.

Actually in SiMs... i liked the way we can fish.. but now in the iPhone.. the SIMS3 W.A i cant fish!!!!! BORING ! LOL just to share my opinioon... no offence

Sim games give me an escape from my reality, if only for just a moment. For those few minutes, I don't have to worry about work or family or any of my other responsibilities. All I have to focus on is growing my garden or keeping my SIM alive.

Having everything NOT wither and die if you don't constantly check back would be a BIG plus. I feel tied to my Tap farm and Tap fish, cause if I don't check in regularly I wind up with dead crops, dead get the picture.

i like the real world feel of these types of games. i aldo like the ability to dictate choices which control the outcome in a game.

I love that it is a small little piece of my life that I have total control over - it is always orderly and I get to make all the decisions! 10 yr old daughter...and I are ALL hooked on Farmville. My 2 yr old son and my yr old daughter both love the coloful I guess Bloomies and this style of game play is our family's thing!

I like the huge variety of flowers and bees. It's not the same boring stuff the whole time. It is very addicting and I'll just water my plants and sell and buy new ones. The only problem is it does take a while for you to get money unless you get achievements. Otherwise, it's great!

Yes "thomers" I am having problems with ios4 as well. I updated my ipod today and every time I try to water my flowers, it crashes. I hope they come out with a fix for this problem...