Ready for an all-new iMore show? It's coming your way tomorrow!

Ready for an all-new iMore show? It's coming your way tomorrow!

The iMore show has been an overwhelming success, reaching more of you, in more ways, then many of us here on the site could have possibly imagined. However, it didn't include you as much as any of us have wanted. Increasingly the iMore show had become more about awesome interviews and less about our even more awesome community.

So, tomorrow, we're changing that. A lot.

Now, the current iMore show isn't going to go away. It too will change. It'll get a new name, and become something closer akin to Debug and Iterate. More on that later, though! For now, here's what's happening with the NEW iMore show:

  1. We're changing the day and time. We're moving it back to Wednesday and we're moving it to the afternoon, Eastern Time. We're still working out the details, and we'll announce the exact time tomorrow. That's right, no more conflict with Game of Thrones, Mad Men, or whatever else you were watching!

  2. Peter Cohen will be our new, fairly consistent co-host, but other members of the iMore and Mobile Nations families will be joining us from week to week as well. Also, we're not going to be abandoning guests entirely. We aim to have some fantastic folks join us as well to help round out the shows and keep up the variety.

  3. And yes, that mean's we're changing the format. As much as being able to do a one man show is important as a last-ditch backup, and as much as I enjoy interviews, what makes iMore great are the many voices we have here. So, we're switching back to the panel-type format we used to use, and that our other site-shows like Android Central and CrackBerry use.

  4. The subject matter we cover will expand from mostly news and hot topics to a better balance of news, apps, accessories, and... Q&A. Yours, the communities, is the most important voice we have and part of our new panel will be YOU. What that means is that we'll be using the chatroom more than ever before, but what's more -- you'll be able to send us audio and video questions or comments and we'll play them live during the show.

Want to be on the new iMore show tomorrow? Here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW:

  • Grab your iPhone, iPad, or the device of your choice and record a short (30 second) video asking us your question. Upload it to the internet, and send us the link -- Don't send the video file itself, just the YouTube, Dropbox, or other video hosting link -- to
  • While we prefer video -- it's a video show! -- audio is fine as a fallback. Just use Voice Memo on iOS, or whatever recording app you like best, ask the question, and email the audio file to <

That's it! That's all you need to do to be on the all new, all encompassing iMore show!

We'd also love to hear any other suggestions you may have for the show as well. So, run -- don't walk -- to the comments and let me know. If you could have your dream iMore show, what would it be? What segments would we include? What guests would we invite on? What kind of Q&A would we do?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Ready for an all-new iMore show? It's coming your way tomorrow!


Great...I think...please do the following and I'll continue to listen as always:
1) Long form: Dont keep the shows too short. When they get to under 30 minutes or so, they becomes too rushed and topics aren't fully flushed out.
2) Remember this is an Apple show. The podcast should revolve around all things Apple. When discussing events like Google I/O, and Microsoft, they should be used in context of what Apple is doing.
3) Rumors, Rumors, Gossip, and more rumors: I feel like other shows have shied away from delving into rumors. Reporting the rumors are one thing, but we want to hear your opinions and analysis of the rumors....especially Rene's.
4) Speculate: It's ok to speculate what Apple will bring to WWDC. I can listen to a discussion of this nature for 30 minutes, and I wouldn't get bored.
5) Shy away from patents and lawsuits: The Verge did an entire episode about the legality of drones. Twit spent hours on end discussing SOPA. Trust me, most viewers do not want to hear that much about these topics, just the headlines.
6) Praise Apple when praise is due...but criticize as criticism is due too. iOS is getting stale, do not be afraid to explain why, and what would you think Apple needs to do to shake the funk ( Rene?)
7) Listen to the chatroom! These are your listeners, they collectively will tell you what we want to hear you talk about...The Verge used to feed of the chatroom, they stopped a while ago.
8) Some video submissions are good too, but don't get all Today in iOS and flood the show with constant fillers. These should be peppered in here and there, that's it.

That's my shortlist for what would make the most entertaining show possible. Mostly we want to hear Rene Richie and Co. talk about the latest news and Rumors from Apple, iOS...and yes even a little Mac. Looking forward to the new show.
-Dr. Brad

Absolutely Rene! This is coming from somebody who listens to A LOT of podcasts. I have about 35 podcasts in my download list that I listen to weekly...and I constantly curate, deleting every show after a few weeks if I stop listening. I've watched/listened to every iMore shows since the TiPB days, and am looking forward to the new iMore show!

Should be great. Looking forward to it!

So let me try to guess the new name. It feels like you're trying to gradually inch iMore away from all-Apple all day every day posts. So I'd guess that the new show won't start with an 'i'. But it will probably still have something tech-ish in the name:

Global Mobile
Post-PC TV
Thoughts on Mobile
The Tech Mob
Mob Tech Live
iOShow (yeah, I know it starts with an 'i'. )
The Feature Creeps (might be better for a humor segment name.)
Unredactation (is that a word?)
We're All One Big Happy Tech-Talking Mobile Nations Family And Stuff

Great post by DrBrad! I hope the new show implements all of his suggestions.
I also want to add that I really enjoy watching Rene on MacBreak Weekly, in fact that's how I discovered the iMore show almost a year ago. When they added Rene to MBW as a regular co-host, he exponentially improved that show.
Keep up the great work Rene, looking forward to the new show!!!

Thanks. And I agree. Macbreak Weekly was in desperate need of a shakeup. Ever since Alex become a more sporadic cohost, the show lacked an Apple purist. Rene reinvigorated the show.

Moving more towards the Android Central Podcast format is a good idea. I really wish some of the "Rene-isms" (skinny hipster jeans, smurfberries) would go away too, but that is probably unrealistic!