Rovio's latest 'Angry Birds' game is an RPG

Angry Birds Epic

Rovio's latest instalment in the Angry Birds franchise is an RPG, which is quite different from the physics-based gameplay that has made the series an international hit. Called Angry Birds Epic, the game was soft-launched in Canada, Australia and New Zealand earlier this year, but is available globally now.

Angry Birds Epic follows a free-to-play model that is becoming increasingly popular with studios. The game follows a turn-based RPG format which sees players battling pigs with a team of birds. Along the way, players can acquire and upgrade weapons, potions and armor, level up and unlock new characters. Users also have access to a crafting engine that allows them to create new parts for use in battle scenarios.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

The game is a free download and comes with several in-app purchases. Head over to the link below to download the game. Do note that you need iOS 6 or later to run the game.

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Rovio's latest 'Angry Birds' game is an RPG


What surprises me most about this post is that there are absolutely no comments. It's a good post, don't get me wrong. I just wonder if people have become so bored with the Angry Birds theme that they aren't excited about this at all. Back in the day people were clamoring for new Angry Birds games & levels. Now they seem to be dominated mostly in department stores in the kid's section next to Minecraft shirts.

I noticed that Apple made this an Editor's Choice and iMore picked it as a game of the week.