Star Wars Opening Recreated in HTML, CSS!

HTML CSS Star Wars Crawl

Speaking of Daring Fireball links and HTML5, Guillermo Esteves has re-created the opening crawl from the original Star Wars using only web-based technologies. It currently runs exclusively on the bleeding-edge WebKit nightly builds, Safari for OS X Snow Leopard... and on the built-in iPhone Safari (though it doesn't look as polished).

That's right. No Chrome anything, including Android 2.1. No Palm webOS browser. That it works on the iPhone's and iPod touch's MobileSafari... is kind of crazy considering it hasn't been updated since iPhone 3.1.2 back on Oct. 8. Just goes to show how seriously Apple is pushing the web on the iPhone.

So, yeah, words moving away into perspective in your browser, but this is without QuickTime or Flash or anything to strain your bandwidth or burn your battery. Very nice.

YouTube video of the WebKit nightly build version after the break!

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Star Wars Opening Recreated in HTML, CSS!


I saw this on my Safari 4.0.4 (6531.21.10), Mac OS X 10.6.2 and it worked with starwars music also worked on my iPhone but with no music.

I'm not a dev or anything, but could this be because the script wasn't optimized for webOS or Android? I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't work on a Pre, given its strong HTML ties. Android, I could believe, IDK. Also, this wouldn't work on Opera Mobile 10(Opera makes damn good mobile browsers, wish Apple would let them release one for iPhone)?