Star Wars: Trench Run Explodes Into App Store

The force is strong with Star Wars: Trench Run [$4.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch, as it's just hit the iTunes App Store.

Features include Force Powers, 3D trench flying, X-Wing style, easter eggs (you tease!), and did we say 3D Death Star trench flying?

If this is the iPhone Star Wars game you've been looking for, go get it and tell us what you t

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Reader comments

Star Wars: Trench Run Explodes Into App Store


Looks good - if the controls are solid, this could be an awful lot of fun for old time SW geeks.
The graphcs bring to mind one review request, when you or Jeremy get to review it. You typically do anyways, but for titles like this, that obviously push the hardware, could you make it a standard practice to comment on how well it works on the 3G versus the 3GS, please? For those of us who are stuck on the wrong side of the upgrade fence, that is often the most useful piece of information. :)

this looks fun but is it really just that one scene? or is there dog fighting also? Whats the replay value here?

Touch Arcade were pretty scathing, i'm loathe to pick this up until i see more reviews. Sega should just port starwars arcade, that would be plump xwing sausages with force laden mash andawesomesauce on top

It looks like game makers are finally starting to up their "game" a little bit. I don't think it will be all that long before the iPhone and itouch become serious competitors to other handheld gaming platforms.

It performs well on 3G - but you do need to restart your phone after the bootup. I was wary of the TouchArcade review, but the comments seem to suggest it was way off base, which I think it was. It is a short game, but the arcade modes and leaderboards give it some fun replay.

@rhit RON JEREMY says you sir need to add some protein to your diet in the form of shakes. RON JEREMY can supply the protien if you ask nicely.

I'm spectacularly awful at it, and haven't got past the cannons yet but it sure is fun. It's worth it just for the retro-nostalgia aspect- this was like my dream when I as 7.

Installed and played this morning. Now it wont get past the developers logo screens, just hangs, even after rebooting the iPhone.
Nice testing guys.

Finally some old school Star Wars, looks nice, love the X-Wing.
roflmao at offer of protein shakes

@Cooper: me too.
In the end had to delete it comletely from the iPhone then re-install. Worked for a few more times then same thing happened again.
Deleted / re-installed again and now make sure I am not mid-game when quitting (i.e. be on main menu). Hasn't happened since I do this.
Not good, I left feedback with THQ - we can't be the only ones experiencing this, it needs a patch ASASP.