Switching to iPhone: How To Move Your Contacts, Calendar, Email, Bookmarks, and Photos to the iPhone - Wait-a-Thon!

Moving Your Data from Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Feature Phone to the iPhone 3G

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More and more people are switching to the iPhone. They’re switching from Palm and Windows Mobile and Blackberry smartphones to the iPhone. They’re switching carriers to get the iPhone. And now that the next-gen iPhone 3G is all but upon us, and more and more regions are announcing their plans and pricing, the switching is only going to get faster and more furious.

To celebrate the switchers, those who dare to phone different, the iPhone Blog wants to help you get your content off your old, perhaps restrictive and outdates systems, and onto your shiny, new iPhone.

We've already gone over how to move your music, movies, and other media to iTunes, so now it's time to get with the data: contacts, calendars, and email.

Read on to find out how!

What Data Does the iPhone 3G Sync?This article assumes you’re switching from another smartphone, like Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Palm, and are new to the iTunes + iPod (and iPhone!) ecosystem. It also assumes you're a dedicated Windows user or someone who just recently switched from Windows to the Mac and needs to transfer content to an iPhone.

Since longtime iPod (and Mac) aficionados will almost certainly already be using iTunes and the typical Mac applications, your iPhone will sync your content via iTunes the same as it would any other iPod. And, hey, if you’re a Linux (or any other *nix) user, I figure you’ve kept your content open from the get-go, and already know 18 different ways to get it onto your unlocked, jailbroken iPhone hax0red with Open Moko anyway...

"Push" First: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Apple MobileMe

While with previous iPhone firmware, there was tethered (via iTunes) sync between Outlook and the iPhone, and between the default Apple apps and the iPhone, it was on a type-by-type basis (see screenshots in the iTunes section), and only when you actually hooked up your iPhone and pulled down the data would both your mobile and local copies get synchronized.

With iPhone firmware 2.0, everything changes. Why lead with this? Because if you intend to use either Exchange and/or MobileMe with your iPhone, you can read this section and you're pretty much done. (Or at least you can skip ahead to photos at the end -- though be sure to download iTunes anyway for your media). With Exchange and MobileMe (billed as Exchange for the rest of us), iTunes data sync is eliminated, cables are eliminated, and intermittent syncing becomes a thing of the past. With these "push" solutions, everything is automagically updated wirelessly (via WiFi or EDGE/HSPA cell network). Change something in Outlook and a few seconds later, your iPhone will show the same changes. Tweak some data on your iPhone, and a few seconds later, MobileMe's website will show the same tweak.

(Not using ActiveSync or MobileMe? No worries. Skip to the next section and we'll start setting up iTunes for local sync!)

So, to simply and easily set up most of your syncing using iPhone 2.0: tap Settings, tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars (Just Mail if you're doing Exchange on iPhone 1.x), tap Add Account, and then select the type of account you would like to add.

iPhone 2.0: How to add an Exchange ActiveSync, Yahoo!, Google Gmail, or MobileMe account

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

ActiveSync makes its debut with iPhone 2.0, and doesn't function on the older, 1.x firmware, so if you intend to use it, make sure you have an iPhone 3G or have updated your original iPhone (2G) to the latest firmware as of July 11, 2008. To setup Exchange ActiveSync, tape the logo for it. If you're using Exchange 2007 on the back end, you may be able to automatically set up your account. If you can't, or are using an old version of Exchange -- or just in general due to the complex and fussy nature of setting up an Exchange account in general -- you're best practice is to check with your Exchange administrator (or hosted service provider).

iPhone 2.0: How to Setup Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone 3G

Apple MobileMe (formerly .Mac)

MobileMe, Apple's replacement for .Mac and it's "Exchange for the Rest of Us". It will sync, wirelessly, over the air (OTA), contacts, calendars, mail, and photos between the iPhone and your Mac (with the aforementioned Address Book, iCal, Mail.app, and iPhoto) and/or PC (with Outlook). MobileMe will debut on July 11, 2008 alongside iPhone 3G and the 2.0 firmware, and should "just work" once you enter in your MobileMe username and password (previous users of .Mac will keep the same credentials, and will be able to use either user@mac.com or user@me.com interchangeably).

Local Sync: Getting iTunes

iTunes is a free download from apple.com and required before you can sync your iPhone. The iPhone 3G will require iTunes 7.7, which will be released day-and-date with the next generation device, so if you're reading this before July 11, 2008, you'll need to wait a bit before downloading, or will need to upgrade to that version.

What Data Does iTunes Sync?

Aside from the media we covered in the previous article, Apple's iPhone 3G will sync the usual data suspects of address book contacts, calendar events, email accounts, web browser bookmarks, and -- because we didn't include them under media -- digital photographs.

If you already have your data in Outlook, you're good to go for the iPhone. If you have it in another application, or scattered among a few applications... well, we'll get to that in a moment.

How to Sync iPhone Data via Itunes for the PC

On the Mac side, iTunes "just works" with Apple's default applications, Address Book, iCal, Mail.app, Safari, and iPhoto, or with Microsoft's Entourage. Since sync services, contacts, calendaring, etc. are all "CoreServices" handled at the OS level, once you check the appropriate boxes in iTunes, the automagic process is almost transparent. You can even sync to Microsoft Office Entourage (Outlook's ugly step-sibling on the Mac side) by syncing Entourage with the default apps via CoreServices.

Similarly, if you don't have your data in these Mac apps yet, or have it scattered elsewhere, we'll also get to that in a moment.

iPhone Data in iTunes (Mac)

Now let's break it down...

Syncing Your Contacts

From Microsoft Windows Vista & XP: Outlook, Windows Contacts, and Yahoo! Address Book

These three protocols are all supported from directly within iTunes. If you have your contacts in one of them, simply choose the appropriate program from the drop-down in iTunes and your information will be moved right over to your iPhone.

From Apple OS X: Address Book, Yahoo! Address Book, and Google Contacts

On the Mac version of iTunes, you can check both Apple's Address Book and Yahoo! Address Book if you so choose. (I keep things simple -- and fear duplicates -- so I recommend picking one and sticking with it.)

If you're running OS X Leopard 10.5.3 or later, you can also sync your Gmail Contacts with your iPhone, using a more round-about method: launch Address Book, select Preferences from the Address Book menu, and check the box next to Synchronize with Google. Once set up, this will sync your Google Contacts to your Address Book, and then iTunes will sync them from Address Book to your iPhone.

From Everywhere Else: Thunderbird, Windows Live, Google Contacts

If you have your contacts in anything other than the above-mentioned programs or services, you'll have to move them over before you can sync them with the iPhone. Many programs/services allow you to export CSV files or vCards, including: Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Windows Live, and Google Contacts.

Once you've got your export file, simply import the contacts back into Outlook, Address Book, Yahoo! Address Book and you're golden.

Syncing Your Calendar

From Microsoft Windows Vista & XP: Outlook

For reasons known only to Apple and Microsoft, Outlook is your only calendar/event choice for syncing with the iPhone. (The drop down is so far only a merciless tease at options yet (maybe never?) to come).

From Apple OS X: iCal

Like Windows, OS X provides only one option for calendar sync: iCal (and not even a drop down to tease more.) Check it and go.

From Everywhere Else: Google Calendar, Windows Calendar, etc.

Many popular Calendar programs are compatible with the iCalendar format, which allows you to publish and/or subscribe from one program (and even platform) to another. Using this feature, you can try to move your data over your iPhone. Here's an example using Google Calendar:

You can subscribe to Google Calendars through Outlook on Windows, or use the Google Calendar Sync utility. Unfortunately the iPhone thus far doesn't reliably sync from anything besides the Outlook default Calendar, which means the subscribed Google Calendar doesn't get moved over unless you use a commercial product like the Paul Thurrott referenced SyncMyCal.

For Mac users a one way (Google to iPhone) work-around involves subscribing to your Google Calendar. From Google Calendar: Click on the Calendar Settings drop down, click on Private Address, and click on iCal to generate a private address for your Google Calendar especially designed for iCal. Copy the URL and open iCal. Inside iCal: Select the Calendar menu and click on Subscribe, then paste in the Private Address you copied from Google Calendar. Next time you sync, iCal will feed your Google Calendar to your iPhone. For bi-directional sync (Google to iPhone and iPhone to Google), there's the commercial Spanning Sync, and you can try the demo before you buy.

Theoretically, you could also try exporting and importing XML, CSV, or another cross-program file, although in my experience this often requires a vast amount of work (and Googling, and message board begging...)

Syncing Your Email

From Microsoft Windows Vista & XP: Outlook and Windows Mail

Two options for Windows users, the ubiquitous Outlook and Windows Mail (which I believe is an "upgrade" to the horrible Outlook Express rather a desktop version of the far superior WIndows Live Mail -- tsk tsk to both Apple and Microsoft).

From Apple OS X: Mail.app

Still only one choice from Apple OS X users, however: Apple's default mail client, the eponymous Mail.app. Again, just one checkbox, to keep with the ultra simple groove. (Usability over options is a mantra).

From Everywhere Else: Google Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Microsoft Live/Hotmail, etc.

Yahoo! Mail can be setup as an IMAP email account on your iPhone, which means your Yahoo! Mail folders on your iPhone will exactly match your folders on Yahoo!'s website and vice versa. Also, Yahoo! provides "push" email for the iPhone, meaning changes to one will be reflected automatically and near-instantly in the other, just like Exchange ActiveSync and MobileMe (but without the calendar and contacts sync).

You can also set up your Gmail account, including the new Gmail IMAP service which works like Yahoo! Mail -- but without the "push" -- keeping your web, local client (i.e. Outlook, Mail, etc.), and web-based views synchronized at user-definable intervals (manually, every 10 minutes, etc.).

iPhone 2.0: How to add an Exchange ActiveSync, Yahoo!, Google Gmail, or MobileMe account

Unfortunately, since they don't (to the best of my knowledge) surface any open, standard protocols like IMAP or POP, Microsoft Live/Hotmail accounts can't easily be synced with the iPhone. Your options include signing up for a Yahoo! or Gmail account and manually moving the messages over to your new, IMAP-happy account, or you can try this free solution and see if it works for you.

For any ISP mail, you can simply set up the iPhone as a POP (or IMAP if they offer it -- much better!) client.

Syncing Your Bookmarks

From Microsoft Windows Vista & XP: Internet Explorer and Safari

iTunes supports syncing over all your bookmarks from Internet Explorer (hopefully the much more secure and standards friendly IE 7, right?) and Windows Safari (Apple's own browser). Hierarchies will be preserved, so think about how you'll use your booksmarks both on the desktop and the iPhone, and organize a good middle ground.

From Apple Mac OS X: Safari

No choices here. Check Safari and move along.

From Everywhere Else: Firefox, Opera, etc.

If you're using Firefox, Opera, or another Firefox-like (Mozilla Gecko powered), or Safari-like (Apple WebKit powered) browser, is to try and import your bookmarks into Internet Explorer or Safari (export first via HTML if you have to).

If you want to keep using Firefox (or another browser) for desktop use, there's no way to keep your bookmarks synced, unfortunately, but you can delete the IE or Safari bookmarks (since you're not using them) and re-import a fresh, updated set whenever you like.

Syncing Your Photos

From Windows Vista & XP: Folder Sync

For Windows users, the procedure to sync photos to the iPhone is as simple as it is non-powerful. Put all the photos you want to sync in a folder (or hierarchy of folders if you want to separate them out, e.g., Family, Friends, Birthday, etc.) and then select that folder in iTunes.

From Apple Mac OS X: iPhoto and Folder Sync

For Mac users, in addition to the folder sync described above, you can also chose to sync from Apple's iPhoto application, either your complete library, or from selected sub-libraries.

From Everywhere Else: Yahoo! Flickr, Facebook, Google Picasa, etc.

If you keep your photo collection online (i.e. Flickr, Facebook, Photoshop Express, Windows Live, etc.), you're going to have to target a desktop backup, or download the photos you want on your iPhone to a local directory. Put all the photos you want to sync in one folder, and make sure you note down the location of that folder (e.g. iPhone Photos). This will be the folder you target inside iTunes as described above.

For Picasa, make sure you organize all the pictures you want on your iPhone into one folder, or a hierachy of folders, and then that will be the folder your target from inside iTunes, also as described above.

Wait! Help! My Data is Stuck On My Phone!

On the off chance that some of you don't use a desktop, laptop, web service, or anything besides your mobile (smart)phone for your data, here's a down and dirty guide to help you get started.

From the Original iPhone (iPhone 2G) to iPhone 3G

Apple provides excellent directions for upgrading to the iPhone 3G.

From RIM Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm Treo (Windows Mobile OS)

Blackberry's are data monsters. Data -- all of it, all now, all the time -- is the only reason for a Blackberry. It's why RIM invented the Blackberry. Windows Mobile, whether running on a Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Palm, or whatever device, is made to integrate with other Microsoft products like Exchange, ActiveSync, and Outlook/Entourage. (Note: Always make sure you have the latest/greatest firmware, patches, updates, etc. from your phone carrier and platform provider).

From a Blackberry or ActiveSync perspective, pretty much all business users will have an Exchange server of one kind or another available to them. Just use ActiveSync on your new iPhone 2.0 and you're good to go. (Check with IT if you have to, especially for the settings information).

If you don't have a business Exchange server but you do have access to a Windows computer with Microsoft Outlook on it, sync your Blackberry to Outlook, then Outlook to your iPhone.

For Mac users, check out Markspace, which provides a variety of phone-specific syncing solutions especially for the Mac. They're not free, but the time and effort they'll save you are well worth it. (I used to it get my data off a Palm OS Treo 680 into the default Apple apps and it worked seamlessly).

If you don' have any of the above available to you, try a hosted Exchange service, even temporarily. Sync your Blackberry data to that, then ActiveSync it to your new iPhone, and cancel the hosted Exchange service.

From Palm OS Treo

Palm OS (Garnet) Treo's can work similarly to the above if you have ActiveSync installed (or download it from Palm's website -- warning, direct file link!) and access to an Exchange server (business or hosted). 

Similarly if you have access to Outlook. If you're stuck in Palm Desktop, you'll first have to find your Palm install CD and go through the setup again, choosing Outlook instead.

(Mac users, see Markspace, above).

From a Feature Phone

If you don't have a smartphone, but are coming instead from a standard consumer feature phone (candybar or flip phone from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc.) and have data on there you really don't want to retype, you can try looking for a data transfer kit that matches your phone. These vary widely in form, availability, and functionality, and will cost you money and time, but if you have both check out Howard Forums or even Google. Search and ask around. Be key word specific (i.e. "transfer data nokia model# outlook". Best of luck, and please share what you find in case others are trying out the same.


Well, there they are, my tips and tricks for getting your data off the old and outdated just in time for your brand new iPhone 3G/2.0. But try as I might, I know our readers — the real data ninjas — have a whole host of sneaky black magic all their own.

What are your best tips and tricks? Drop a comment and let us know!

Have something to say about this story? Leave a comment! Need help with something else? Ask in our forums!

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Switching to iPhone: How To Move Your Contacts, Calendar, Email, Bookmarks, and Photos to the iPhone - Wait-a-Thon!


I still haven't sat down to read how to switch my current stuff on my iPhone 2.0 to the new iPhone 3G. Hopfefully it's not that long of a process

I've got .Mac so even though I'm coming from a Treo 700p I don't expect to run into any trouble as far as getting my data onto my new iPhone 3G. My big conundrum right now is finding a case.

I personally use BusySync to sync Google Calendar and iCal so I can edit events on my iPhone and know that they will be updated on Google Calendar when I sync my phone. As far as email goes, I'm waiting for GMail push IMAP.

@Andy, I added the direct link for Apple's KB article on upgrading your iPhone. Thanks!
@Adam: true dat!
@David: It took Gmail so long to go IMAP, and they implement it so poorly already, I won't hold my breath (even tho it's my personal email as well!).

I'm coming from a blackberry Curve. My outlook has been ready to transfer my contacts and info since the iphone 3g was announced! Soon I shall be able to bury my blackbury! Goodbye plain text e-mail and crappy browser... hello HTML e-mail and real browser. I will miss BB Messenger though.

This is great information and will really help as soon as I get my first iPhone!! Thank you so much for providing such valuable tips to help us get started!!

Mobile me sounds like a great service I just don't know if its worth the $99 a year fee, I guess I'll find out when I sign up for the 60 day trial. I will probably fall in love with it, I'm guessing.

Excellent! I was just coming to The iPhone Blog to post just such a request on the Forums. How serendipitous! I have everything on Google Calendar and GMail, and this was just the tutorial I needed to move everything over. Thanks!

I too think that mobile me is a little pricey I'm thinking about waiting to see if it is actually worth the price and if google or microsoft will come out with something comparable but free. I wonder if MS will make their live mesh compatible with the iPhone I will have to look into it a little more as it seems kind of like Mobile me in a sense minus the push for iphone part:).

Nice, I'm switching to the 3g iPhone from a PPC6700 on friday morning :)
I sure will miss my cheap sprint sero plan

It is about time that apple try to capture back the windows world with a little respect in the transformation. Watch out crackberries!

I'm a soon to be former Palm owner and have already started the process. I downloaded the Palm desktop to our Mac Desktop and synced my palm. Then I exported the contacts as a vCard. Next, I imported the file in the Mac Address book. The Address Book allows you to review the contacts on an individual basis to accept one version over another or simply load en mass. It went a whole lot easier then expected because Mac's just work. Now, when I get my iPhone I'll be ready to sync with the Address Book in addition to the media from iTunes and iPhoto. Then I will be complete.

Started going through most of these steps about a week ago. Had all of my contacts, and calendars on my mac already. I have just been going through and making sure they are all up to date. Can't wait to give mobieMe a shot. I'm a current .Mac subscriber and am just as excited for the launch of mobileMe as I am for the launch of the 3G iPhone.

Does anyone know if I will be able to access work email via 3G without the Business Data Plan (Add $15/month). Right now, I access it through my BB Pearl, with no enterprise plan, just standard data plan.

Great guide. Wish I had had this info a year ago when I upgraded from my Treo to the original iPhone. I'll pass this along to my friends though that are just chomping at the bit to get the new 3G but don't have a clue how to get their data on the new phone. This will be a lifesaver for them plus it'll save me a lot of explaining too.

When I switched from my Treo650 to the iPhone I used the opportunity to get used to the iPhone keyboard and manually typed in my contacts. Ok sure, I was bored and it gave a good excuse to fondle the iPhone a bit more ;)

This article is very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write it!
I do, however, have one question. I have two email accounts. One is Yahoo (which is "push" as you described) and one is AOL, capable of IMAP.
Can someone please answer this for me? What is the difference BESIDE the fact that I receive Yahoo mail instantly and AOL mail every 15 or so minutes?
Thanks in advance!

As a 2G user (who will be staying that way for a while at least), I don't need this yet. But, I'll be pointing my Windows-loving friends that are finally convinced to take the Apple plunge here to make the transfer as painless as possible. Thanks!

One of the greatest beauties of using an exchange account is switching phones. Just plug in the exchange server address on the new phone and voila! Done. Same thing when I flashed my current phone with new software. Thank goodness for smartphones. I used to hate having to re-enter my contacts with every new phone.

Haha Too Bad I only have a helio and this wont be that helpful to me.. Still glad this was made though

Having Palm's and BlackBerries, I've got all the same data pretty much everywhere I could possibly have it. Really hope I don't run into problems, lol. I have noticed outlook kinda sucks for syncing though, at least with Palm- none of the fields ended up matching, but BlackBerry usually works. Planning on getting a MacBook Pro soon anyway.

Haha. Im switching to the iPhone 3G from a poor lil samsung flip phone. Sure this lil nugget can surf the internet, but I wouldn't even want to try it, I don't want to know how mind-shattering Safari really is on the iPhone. And as far as contacts go, I transferred about 150 by hand from the phone to Address Book, syncing for the first time will feel so effortlessly sweet.

Since I was already using Outlook and Picasa, getting everything I needed to my iPhone was so easy I never needed any instructions. iTunes has all the options laid out nicely.
Now, when I upgrade to the 3G, it will be even easier, because I can just restore from my previous settings.

So close i can almost feel the fast speeds( compared to my old razr), thanks for the info thank goodness I got everything backed up on Outlook.

Sweet timing as I'll be inheriting a gen 1 iphone when a friend of mine will be upgrading his to the next gen. yay!

Easiest is to just abandon all friends/family when you switch over. Once in the sweet, sweet embrace of the iPhone, humans will be irrelevant.

I wish there were a way to create photo albums from the iPhone. Or, if there is one and I am not aware of it, can someone tell me? I would like to be able to put the pictures that I take on my iPhone into different folders/albums. I haven't found a way to do so, not even from my pc. It's not going to make me lose my mind... but it would be nice if I could do it.

Cool, tip. I didn't realize that "anything" was really needed to upgrade. Good to know, I can pass it along to friends who are upgrading.

I'm currently using Outlook on PC for Contacts and Calendar Sync. It's ok. Contacts modified on my iPhone lose their pictures in Outlook when synced. Some Calendar events never seem to sync down to the phone. I have a new MacBook Pro I'd like to start using for iTunes sync, but haven't gotten everything set up yet. I'd like to have all my Contacts in the cloud via Gmail, but Gmail's contacts don't have nearly as many fields as Outlook or iPhone and importing the contacts is a buggy process (I have to manually map fields in order to get it to recognize addresses, etc. from an exported Outlook .csv file). If MobileMe can handle my contacts in a seamless way, it may be worth the $99 to me.

I might be tempted to get MobileMe. But if I really can get Exchange for free(I've been told), it seems a little extravagant.

It will be interesting to see how Apple handles the data sync options in iTunes for people who are using MobileMe. Will it let them sync their contacts over MobileMe AND via iTunes, or will it grey out the iTunes options if you have MobileMe? Will using both screw things up royally? If so, I'm betting there will be at least a few people out there who get messed up.
Sync can be a real pain, and I'm REALLY hoping that Apple gets it right. It's amazing the kinds of things that sync can mess up. I used a Treo 650 for a while before getting really sick of the problems it had syncing with my Mac. As an example, at one point it caused all of the birthdays in my Contacts list to move forward one day. Wow, was that a really annoying problem.

Gosh, I can't wait for Friday 8am! I'm going to be syncing my Nokia for the last time. These tips will help very much. I plan on getting everything off of my Nokia Thursday to be ready for the big day.

Thanks a lot for the article! If I tell my coworkers about the possibility of this easy procedure, they will line up to the stores... ;)

Very well written and comprehensive, thank you! Now if only someone can explain to me the difference between syncing and a full backup...

I am happy they are finally doing this for the iphone. The only thing holding my dad from switching from his blackberry.

One of my favorite things about the iPhone is that once you have all that stuff set up, the syncing just works.

well . . . considering that my RAZR ummm . . . broke in half, i don't even have to deal with this. My replacement "GoPhone" doesn't have any ports what so ever, so that means no sending contact info to my computer . . . i had to enter them all manually.
UGH! that was a full 116 "v-cards" and i'm still entering contact info.

After using PALM DESKTOP on the Mac for 10 years (!) and now a PALM TREO, I was VERY concerned about transferring over all of my CALENDER and ADDRESS BOOK info into Apple iCal and AddressBook in anticipation of buying an iPhone 3G this Friday. It turned out to be much easier that you listed above.
If you already use PALM DESKTOP on the MACOSX to sync your PALM device successfully, then Just go to iSYNC in your applications folder, start it up, It will prompt you that it is automatically installing the new iSYNC conduit, disable your Palm Desktop Cal/Address conduits and then all you need to do is press the HOTSYNC button on your Palm device dock. That's it!
Much to my surprise, 10 years of calender information including repeating events transfered over no problem. My address info transfered over too but but some of the fields are going to need to be cleaned up, ie. home/mobile fields, but everything is there!
I had looked into MarkSpace, Pocket Mac, using Outlook and Entourage and that all proved unnecessary. iPhone here I come!

I have a Katana II with Sprint. I'm an idiot, and handed over my phone for a new one due to warranty issues. I totally forgot to review my calendar and texts for anything important, and lost it all. So, iPhone 3G will be a fresh start. (I lost my photos too! I'm done with sub standard phones, and await Apple's iPhone Nano or Flip if I break the 3G.)

Pretty comprehensive guide. Might be nice to have a links section at top so people can jump to the section they're interested in.
I'm surprised no one has really written about / tackled the AT&T business plan aspect. I sure hope I don't have to pay $45/mo just to get Exchange syncing - I will probably draw the line at that nonsense.
I currently sync photos, music, etc from my Mac, and Calendar/Contacts from my work PC (Win XP). I haven't gotten the old-style exchange support working, but I'm hoping ActiveSync gets rid of all my worries there.
Now if there was a super easy way to get ringtones without the latest iLife....(Yes, I do have custom ringtones, it's just more work than I'd like to make and sync them using iLife'07 and some other software).

Very nice and robust article Rene! Hopefully with the App store, people will develop apps to facilitate better Google integration...

I upgraded from 1.0 to 2.0 on my iPhone 2G. It now syncs all my email, calendar and contacts with my Exchange server (and outlook). Since I run Outlook 2007, it also syncs the pictures in contacts.
Now how do you sync your notes with iPhone?

i moved to iPhone2.0 & ITunes7.7 and trying to sync my outlook calendar using USB mechanism, but the calender seems to be not syncing and i see old data, any idea how to fix?

I have updated manually all my contacts on my iphone 3G...now I want it to sync with the ones on my computer...only have a few...my worry is that if I sync I'll lose all the data of my iphone, and instead get the current 5 contacts I have in exchange...how can I sync without losing the information on my iphone...will both iphone and Exchange sync adding all the contacts? or the PC contacts will "dominate" the iphone leaving me with only 5 contacts on my iphone? How can I get the iphone contacts in to my PC without them getting erased? Please help!!

@Patrick: Unfortunately, it's my understanding "push" data replaces "sync" data entirely. i.e., while you can push multiple datasets (ActiveSync AND MobileMe), or sync multiple datasets, you can't push some and sync others. And in a battle, push will obliterate synced data (ActiveSync will wipe out iTunes synced data, but not MobileMe which is also push).
This might just be a current limitation of the technology or Apple's implementation. Perhaps 2.1 will be better for this?

How can i move my contacts from my Nokia 8800 to my iPhone? without copying them on my sim. thanks.

Is there any way to publish only my outlook calendar to mobileme? I work for a bank and corporate policy does not allow us to download outside software (such as itunes) on our systems.

Dear All,
I have configured my Microsoft Exchange settings. I am able to see my all mails & also being able to replay from exchange account.
The issue with me is that all mails in sent folders remains in my iphone & are not synced whenever I connected to my PC.

There's an app on the store called Sync in a Blink that will sync your Gmail contacts over the air. It's a nice solution out there for non-Exchange/Mobile Me users.

arg. what is the deal? I just want my google contacts and my phone contacts and calendars to sync up, is that too much to ask Apple? Is Apple agin Google? Are we having a tiff over the Android phone? Wait, just say this Sync in a Blink thing, will give it a try too. Mad luv, tbw

Easy process to get Blackberry contacts to iphone using an imac. Use the PocketMac Syncmanager software which is free for all BB owners.
Download this from the BB site. Install it. Download contacts from your BB to the Address Book application. Use that app to de-dupe the contacts if necessary. Then tell itunes to sync the iphone with Address Book in the Info tab and you're good to go!

I want to sync my 3G with my hotmail and hotmail live calendar, but I share a laptop and itunes with my husband and don't necessarily want him reading my email. Can I log on to our shared windows account to sync my iPhone with iTunes and then log in to my own windows account to sync my hotmail live calendar?

I've transferred my contacts from my Motorola Razr, am using gmail for mail and have MobileMe instantly synching my calendar. But I keep getting a popup on my Dell PC that says "Either there is no default mail client or the current client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client."
I don't want Outlook to deal with mail - I use gmail. How do I keep this message from continually popping up?

I have been using PalmPilot T/X, and Windows XP. I am switching from Alltel to AT&T and bought a iPhone 3G.
I need advice on how to transfer my contacts and calandar from Palm to my new iPhone.
Anyone else done this?

how do i delete unwanted email address contacts on my yahoo address book on the iphone? i have already deleted contacts from my pc but it saves them on my iphone! i deleted my account on the iphone and then logged back into my account but the address's are still there

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Rene, this is a wonderful guide!
However, it would be great to update the article as a lot of new options have shown up during the last month - e.g. Google Sync's ActiveSync implementation among others.

Thanks - this is very informative. I just wanted to add that when synchronizing photos, iTunes downsizes them to iPhone screen resolution. Sometimes, however, it is nice to be able to zoom-in and see details (for instance, I know some photogs, who use their iPhones and iPod touches to have their portfolios of photos ready to show off to clients). It is beyond my comprehension, why iTunes still does not support syncing full resolution images, but here is a short HowTo on a couple of ways to achieve that: http://bit.ly/1a1HPo

how do you delete contacts email address so it no longer shows up in iphone when you type in an email address close to it even though i deleted it from my main contacts it shows up?

I have my data on a Palm TX. we do not have Outlook on our machines as we use Novell as our e-mail system. Any way to go directly from Palm TX to the I-PHONE. Help Please.

Unable to sync contacts with categories or calendar with categories to IPhone from Outlook despite numberous calls to Apple tech support. Apple support is unfamiliar with Outlook. In addition, the search feature of the Iphone does not work properly and does not compare with the excellent search in the Palm. I loved my Palm and am very disappointed in the Iphone. If things don't get better ( now 6 weeks trying)I'll have to switch back. Very disturbing.If anyone knows of an APP that would work, please please let me know. Thanks. eneiman2000@aol.com.

I have just purchased the iPhone 3G and i am trying to sync my Outlook contacts along with their respective categories to iPhone.
Though my contacts goes to iPhone but without their respective categories that i made in the Outlook.
Can somebody guide me, what to do.?

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after upgrading from 2g to 3g my fone battery's charge is going down really fast without using any application...why it happens and wat is the best solution to this???

This was a great, clear and concise article. As a new convert to iphone it gave me some great information and in easy to follow steps;-)

I moved from a nokia 5800 to an iphone and syc my contacts but only some of them transferred, why ideas why?

considering the switch from treo 650 to 3GS has anyone found a way to get notes in contacts to transfer to the iphone I havea over a thousand contacts with notes attached. I see you can set up extra fields in contacts on the iphone but I am concerned I will loose all this info in the sync from outlook 2007
solutions would be appreciated

I used Nokia N73 and needed to move all contacts to new iPhone. On AppStore I found Phonecopy and within several minutes i transferred contacts. The App is free and Nokia has native support for www.phonecopy.com synchronization. There is also web access for editation, archive for deleted contact etc.

Lost my Nokia (unsmart phone) which had most of my phone #s. Any suggestions?
And moved contacts via exchange to phone, now wondering how to make sure a SELECT FEW get into phone book and not the others. I don't want all contacts on phone? Thanks

Sorry, friend, but quite disappointing. The picture shows a Palm OS phone and Palm Desktop transferring to iPhone/iTunes. However, the article doesn't really talk about this (except Palm Desktop doesn't work, need to use Outlook) and barely even mentions Palm devices at all. Ironically, the article mentions Palm twice in regards to how people are switching from Palm to iPhone, and another three times in a paragraph which is actually about RIM. As you can see from post 16 and 23 (and your own article), there are some people looking for what your first photo shows. Very unfortunate misrepresentation!

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Apple iphone is great for it's thousands of apps. Iphone is more smooth in operation than Android or other capacitive touch cell phones.

What I need to know is How to transfer data such as contact, SMS(Short Message), e-mail, calendar and data other than photo and video clip from my apple iPhone 3G to my laptop and/or desktop computer? are there anybody can help me? By the way my computer already used Window 7. Thanks a lot

Great article and straight to the point. I don't know if this is actually the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to employ some professional writers? Thanks in advance :)

There is a software called MOBILedit!, which is capable working with phones through computer, including copying contents (such as SMS, contacts and so on) from one phone to another. It supports vast majority of popular mobile phones. it is - in my humble opinion - the best tool to use when migrating from one phone to another.

Such a dense article... In the midst of seeking technological assistance, th flowery language and crap aren't necessary... getting to the point is most helpful for someone seeking technological assistance.

Under: Syncing Your Email
I followed the step, but cannot syncing any email, please if you have any other idea to transfer/export email from Windows Mail/Outlook to iPhone 4, many thanks! Lily

I've found an app in the App Store which has copied 300+ contacts from my Nokia E72 to my new iPhone 4S pretty easily. I had to download a Java applet to the E72 which has uploaded the contacts to the "cloud" (no registration or stuff like that; I hate those) and has given me an access code. After that I had to enter the code in the iPhone app and then my contacts appeared on the iPhone in seconds. It isn't perfect though, because it copies only two phone numbers per contact, so I've lost some details during the transfer, but still it has saved me quite some headache. The app is called "ConCopy".

I recently switched from an Android phone (Galaxy S) to an iPhone 4S. I must say that the easiest method to transfer my contacts for me was via an Exchange server and a Gmail account as per:
Naturally as an Android user, I already had a Google account with all my contacts synced to that account so it was easy.
For those switching form an earlier iPhone to the new 4S, I strongly recommend contact sync via the iCloud. It is much less hassle than using iTunes and your PC as a medium to sync transfer contacts to your iPhone.

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