How to transfer data from your old iPad to your new iPad

If you've recently upgraded your iPad, you might be looking to transfer data from your old tablet to your new iPad Pro. There are a few options available to you to get this done, whether you want to transfer data using iTunes, or wirelessly transferring everything through iCloud and Automatic Setup.

Here's how you can move your data from your old iPad to your new one.

How to use Automatic Setup with your iPad

In iOS 11 and later, you can use any current device to set up a new iPad by transferring the settings from your current device to your new device when in close physical proximity.

  1. Select your language on your new iPad with your new and current devices in close proximity.
  2. Tap Continue on your iPad on the popup that appears asking you to set up your new iPad with your Apple ID.

    Choose language, tap Continue

  3. Use your current iPad to scan the image that appears on your new iPad.
  4. Enter your current iPad's passcode on your new iPad.
  5. Set up Touch ID on your new iPad.

    Scan the image, enter passcode, setup Touch ID

  6. Choose whether or not to restore your new iPad from your most recent compatible backup, if that option presents itself.
  7. Choose to restore your new device from an iCloud or iTunes backup, set up as a new iPad, or transfer data from an Android device.

    Choose if you want to restore device

  8. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Tap Continue under Express Settings to use the settings for Siri, Find My iPhone, Location, and usage analytics that were transferred over from your current iPad.

    Agree, tap Continue

  10. Complete the setup process for your new iPad as you normally would.

How to transfer your data to your new iPad using iTunes

Just as you can with an iPhone, you can use iTunes to back up your old iPad, then restore that backup on your new iPad.

  1. Plug your old iPad into your Mac or PC.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click on the iPad icon.

    Open iTunes, click iPad icon

  4. Click Back Up Now under Manually Back Up and Restore. Wait for the backup to complete.
  5. Disconnect your old iPad.
  6. Connect your new iPad to the same Mac or PC that you used to back up your old iPad.
  7. Click the iPad icon in iTunes.

    Click Back Up Now, click ipad icon

  8. Click Restore from this backup: if it's not already clicked.
  9. Choose the backup you want to use.

    Click restore from this backup, choose backup

  10. Click Continue. iTunes will then restore your iPad from your iTunes backup. This can take awhile.
  11. Tap Continue on your new iPad.

    Click Continue, tap Continue

Follow the instructions on your new iPad to finish setting it up.

How to transfer your data to your new iPad using iCloud

If you use iCloud to back up your iPad, your can transfer everything to your new iPad wirelessly. Before you do that, however, you'll want to trigger one last manual backup on your old iPad to make sure you get everything as up-to-date as possible on your new device.

  1. Open Settings on your old iPad.
  2. Tap the Apple ID banner.
  3. Tap iCloud.

    Open Settings, tap Apple ID banner, tap iClouda

  4. Tap iCloud Backup.
  5. Tap Back Up Now.

    Tap icloud backup, tap Back Up Now

After you back up your iPad, you'll want to get started with your new iPad and restore the older device's backup to it.

  1. Press the Home button on your new iPad to start the setup process.
  2. Follow the instructions for initial setup. If you're looking to transfer everything from your old iPad to your new iPad, try using the Automatic Setup process in iOS 11.

  3. Tap Restore from [date of most recent backup] Backup to restore from your latest iCloud backup when you're using Automatic Setup.

  4. Tap Agree.
  5. Finish setting up your new iPad with settings for Siri, location, app analytics, and Apple Pay.

    Tap Restore from date, tap Agree, finish setup

Your iPad will now restore from your iCloud backup. This could take some time.

How to transfer your data to your new iPad using Google or Microsoft

If you're coming from an Android tablet or Microsoft Surface, you can still move some of your data, though you can't transfer apps, for instance.


If you've got any questions about moving data from an old iPad to a new iPad, then let us know in the comments.

Updated November 2018: Added info about the 2018 iPad Pro.