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How Apple's Enterprise Distribution Program was abused to enable the installation of a GameBoy emulator

There's a story making the rounds about how a GameBoy emulator can be installed on non-jailbroken iOS devices. While this initially seems surprising, it's simply the result of a company abusing Apple's iOS Developer Enterprise Program, and allow users to install much more than just one emulator.

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MAME returns to the App Store this time hidden in a game called Gridlee

A new game has been released in the App Store that offers a little more than meets the eye. Gridlee was a game that was originally developed for the arcade back in 1982 and never released; that is until now. It is a really simple game as you would imagine as it dates back to 1982; what’s interesting here however is that it is built on the MAME4iOS engine.

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Newton OS running on iPhone, iPad via Einstein emulator

Forget iOS 4.2, what you really want is Newton, Apple's original handheld OS, running on your iPhone and iPad, right? Well, if you're one of the many uber-passionate Newton faithful, you probably do and there's a project underway to make it a reality.

Einstein is an open-source project to run (via emulation) the Newton OS on modern hardware. It was written and released by Paul Guyot several years ago. It’s quite an amazing piece of work.

The project got a shot in the arm earlier this month when Matthias Melcher got it up and running on iOS and posted a video of himself running it on his iPhone. Being a Newton fan since my original MessagePad in 1993, it was quite a sight to see.

Matthias mentioned he didn’t have an iPad yet, so I grabbed the source and built it for my iPad so I could take a little movie and share

Right now it's slow and required a Newton ROM that can't be legally distributed outside Apple, but there's seldom a obstacle smart, dedicated developers can't hurdle to get cool stuff done.

If you've wanted your Newton to live on beyond the original hardware, check out the video after the break.

[Steven Frank/Panic, TUAW]

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Super Nintendo running on a jailbroken iPad via snes4iPhone!

snes4iPhone, the Super Nintendo emulator for Jailbreak, was captured running on an iPad -- using a Wii remote to control your character.  Most people familiar to jailbreaking and running snes4iPhone already know how awesome it is to be able to carry your old favorites around on your iPhone.  Who doesn't love Mario and old school Nintendo games? Better yet, who wouldn't want it on their iPad?! Being able to do it on your iPad is even more awesome!  Of course, this is only for jailbroken users.

So if you're interested in jailbreaking, jump over to our jailbreak forums or check out our new Spirit tutorial to get your jailbreak up and running.  Spirit currently works with any iPhone or iPod touch running 3.1.3 and any iPad running 3.2.  Even if you don't have an iPad, sns4iPhone [$5.99 - Cydia link] is still a great buy for the iPhone as well.

And the normal disclaimer, if the thought of the jailbreak process frightens you, you may want to pass on this one.  Video after the break!

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StyleTap Brings PalmOS to iPhone Jailbreak

It's no secret many iPhone users switched over from PalmOS Treo devices (yours truly included!) and now StyleTap has brought a way for you to run all your old PalmOS apps on your Jailbroken iPhone. Says Engadget:

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Official Sega Genisis Emulator for iPhone Coming Soon

Unofficial emulators and Apple are not a good mix, so when we heard from Gizmodo that Sega is planning on releasing an official emulator, all of us here at TiPb cheered with joy.

Sometime in February you can expect to see the emulator application packaged with Space Harrier II free of charge. Then, with the use of Apple's in-app purchasing, you will be able to add the following titles.

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C64 No Longer Available in App Store?

As of this writing, while the C64 emulator app still shows up in the iTunes App Store, attempting to buy it results in the above error message:

The item you tried to buy is no longer available

The availability of the item changed while you were using the store. The same item may be available with a different price or elsewhere on the store.

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Quick App: C64 Commodore 64 Emulator for iPhone -- Can Hack Basic!

C64 ($4.99 - iTunes link], a Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone (and iPod touch) is now available from the App Store, despite having been previously rejected by Apple. FCC spotlight? Phil Schiller intervention? Simple change of heart? Sounds more like a slight change of code, says the C64 blog:

Ultimately, BASIC has been removed for this release; however, we hope that working with Apple further will allow us to re-enable it.

(If you're dying to get your BASIC on, however, reader Stooovie let us know you can still access it by enabling "always show full keyboard", starting a game, paging over to the EXTRA keyboard, and then tapping RESET. Boom, dropped into BASIC with a ready-prompt -- though we clearly don't remember enough C64 BASIC to see if it actually does anything or just sits there blinking. Commenters?)

But, as they say, who cares about BASIC, C64's focus is games and it ships with Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack. More games will be available in the future (via in-app purchase, we believe).

The interface is gorgeous, the passion level obviously high, and the C64 is a classic (as is the Amiga, cough, want-it-next, cough), so for fans of any of those qualities -- or more likely all of them -- check it out and let us know what you think.

Demo video and more screen shots after the break!

[Thanks Stooovie for the tip!]

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iPhone 3GS Power a Boon for Jailbreak Console Emulators

Zodttd (via Gizmodo) whets our appetites for iPhone 3GS jailbreaks to come:

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