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Sharknado game summer debut brings the wrath of Jaws

Brace yourself, folks. iPhone and iPad owners will soon get to battle sharks tossed into the air by tornadoes in the upcoming, and completely official, Sharknado game

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GameLoop launches social network for gamers on iOS

Anybody remember Heyzap? It was a social networking app for gamers that allowed users to socialize about games and discover new games. The Heyzap team recently pulled its iOS app however, switching focus to their targeted ad SDK. That pretty much left Raptr as the only social networking app for Apple gamers.

Now a new player has entered the field: GameLoop. The GameLoop app is free and allows users to discuss the games they enjoy while also discovering new games to play. With the ability to detect all of your iOS, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam games, GameLoop is poised to be a serious and more mobile-focused competitor for Raptr. Read on for full details!

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Joust against your buddies in Rival Knights

Gameloft has just launched a new game called Rival Knights on iOS today. It's a free-to-play jousting simulator where players mount up in full medieval regalia, charge at their friends online or work their way through a single-player campaign, and try to smash opponents with a lance. Every round involves timing taps just as a cursor moves over the sweet spot in a target bar and dragging your lance to the chink in the armor in a limited amount of time.

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Hack the world with Watch Dogs mobile companion game 'ctOS'

Watch Dogs is a great-looking console and PC game that just came out, and alongside it is a companion game that allows mobile players to compete against others live online for free. Anyone on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC plays as a vigilante bringing justice to a futuristic Chicago by hacking the world with their phone. Meanwhile, players on Android or iOS act as the police force, viewing the pursuit of the criminal from a bird's eye view.

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Massive Infinity Blade 3 update introduces enhanced character customization

Infinity Blade 3 just launched a huge update called Blade Masters which adds a ton of new gameplay options to the classic one-on-one dueling game. Challengers both old and new are being introduced, a training bot has been added to hone your skills, and there are a bunch of new customization options to deck out your characters in different colors of armor and personalized animations.

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Award-winning indie game Thomas Was Alone now available for iOS

The indie puzzle game Thomas Was Alone has now been ported from the PC and Mac platforms to run on iOS. The game is an immersive adventure that's driven by narration where users control and direct various rectangular shapes, one of which is named Thomas, to exit points at each level. Each shape will have its own unique personality and capability, so the shapes will have to work together to jump and overcome obstacles before arriving at the point of exit.

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Intake for iPad review

Intake landed on iPad today, offering an insane amount of challenge in a really unique package. In short, pills fall from the top of the screen, and you have to tap them before they hit the bottom. They'll come in one of two different colors, and you need to switch between those two colors by tapping the bar at the bottom of the screen. If you have the right color active while tapping the right pill, you get extra points and earn a score multiplier if you can keep a string of them going. Even if the pill hits the bottom, if you have the same color active, you'll be shielded from an overdose. If you hit certain waypoints, such as level 25, you can chose to start there rather than from the beginning, though expect a challenge.

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Leo's Fortune for iPhone and iPad review

Leo's Fortune is a cute platforming game for iPhone and iPad that's made a big splash in the App Store recently and for a lot of good reasons. It has finely crafted stages with beautiful graphics and clever puzzles. The story has a whimsical, old-timey charm to it and strong voice acting to boot. But is it one of the best iPhone games or best iPad games?

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Race for charity in Sidekick Cycle on iOS

Want to do a little racing and maybe help make a difference in someone’s life? Then look no further than Sidekick Cycle from Global Gaming Initiative. Sidekick Cycle is a 2D racing game in which players bike through obstacle courses filled with ramps and crazy loops. The iOS game has just received a major update that doubles its content, adding lots more levels and riders.

Now comes the part where gamers can do some good. Sidekick Cycle is free to play with in-app purchases. Fifty percent of in-app purchases go towards the “Free Bikes 4 Kidz” charity based out of Minneapolis, MN. As you can probably tell, the charity buys bicycles for children in order to help them lead healthy lifestyles.

- Free - Download now

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Third Eye Crime crosses puzzle and stealth with film noir and psychics on iOS

Third Eye Crime just hit the App Store today, offering a refreshing mix of stealth and line-tracing puzzle gaming. Players have to guide a psychic detective/burglar through some particularly sticky situations. This involves drawing a path through a winding maze so that patrolling goons don't catch you on the way to the exit.

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