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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth: Top 5 tips and tricks for building an empire and forging alliances

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth is a top-grossing game on iOS based on the popular fantasy franchise. Players build varied structures, upgrade them, apply research to unlock new units or improve the performance of existing ones, and outfit familiar heroes to lead armies into battle. There’s a whole lot to this game, and it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but these tips should help you get started quickly, not to mention do well enough to not need to spend a ton of money on in-app purchases.

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R.B.I. Baseball hits a home run on iOS

Nintendo classic R.B.I. Baseball has been re-imagined for mobile and is now available on iOS. A fast-paced arcade feel, straightforward pricing with no in-app purchases, and plenty of current players to pick from make this one a solid contender for top of the sports games category.

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Fund This: Spaceteam Admiral's Club for sweet new iOS games

More often than not, crowdfunding campaigns act more or less as a preorder system, despite Kickstarter’s insistence that it’s not a store. Today’s campaign from the Canadian game developer of Spaceteam, Henry Smith, flies in the face of that trend. His Kickstarter campaign is simply to keep him in the business of innovative, interesting games that might not necessarily have the mass appeal necessary to be a commercial success, but pushes new creative boundaries.

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Play with the legend himself in Pele: King of Football

Hey futbol fans! A free-to-play game featuring the legendary Pele just landed. You can control him through a lengthy career mode which takes you from humble beginnings to worldwide championships. The core gameplay is simply goal-kicking, using intuitive gesture controls similar to Flick Soccer, but over time you can unlock a bunch of items to customize your player. Every 20 minutes there’s an online leaderboard competition to win stuff. The real kicker here is that you can win real world items from playing, including jerseys, signed balls, or even a trip to Brazil.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPad review

Blizzard’s first mobile game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, soft-launched in Canada, Australia and New Zealand last night, after a full year of lead-up. This is a free-to-play live multiplayer card game based on the popular franchise. Even throughout the PC and Mac release, the graphics, animation, and interface all made it clear that this was a game built with mobile in mind. Hearthstone is already one of the most played games on Twitch, which should be an indication of how popular it will be on mobile.

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Add a pistol grip to your iPhone with Grip & Shoot - Macworld|iWorld 2014

Whether you're looking for a fun and responsive way to take photos or you'd like a different sort of game controller for your iPhone, Grip & Shoot can help. This polycarbonate case and grip lets you take aim and fire. What's more, it has an open Application Programming Interface (API) to enable third-party app developers to support it easily.

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GDC 2014: Monument Valley game screws with your head in a beautiful way

The fine folks behind Whale Trail are making a decidedly different puzzle game, and we got to take a look at the Game Developer Conference. Ustwo's Monument Valley has players guide a hapless girl through a twisted maze of Escherian proportions.

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GDC 2014: Gear Jack - Black Hole adds stealth and Metroid spin to endless running

Gear Jack: Black Hole is an upcoming endless runner we got to check out at GDC 2014. In this Crescent Moon title, we take control of an adorable little robot and control his leaps so he doesn't get maimed by the various dangers peppered throughout the level. While the character is usually plowing onwards at breakneck speeds, you've got to make sure he slows things down and tiptoes when traversing the lairs of especially bad nasties.

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GDC 2014: The Deer God game shows what goes around comes around

One of the less conventional games we saw at GDC 2014 was The Deer God from Crescent Moon Games. In it you lead a poor life as a hunter, and as the laws of karma dictate, you're zapped into the body of a deer until you find a way to appease the dreaded and mysterious Deer God.

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GDC 2014: Shoot and/or collect all the things in 2-Bit Cowboy

2-Bit Cowboy is an absolutely charming platforming game with original Game Boy aesthetics and a plethora of fetch quests to enjoy. Crescent Moon Games showed us the ropes at GDC 2014, and it's easy to see how this game could become habit-forming. Players leap, swim, and dash their way through a monochromatic western paradise and pick up odd jobs.

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