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Office Attacks to add crafting to tower defense formula

In Office Attacks by Arctic Empire, players battle off annoying co-workers to keep their stress meter low. Towers are user-generated by assembling various office supplies which are gathered throughout gameplay. Not only do those parts actively effect the tower's range, rate of fire, and cost, but you can also trade those parts away with friends through Facebook Connect.

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Big Action Mega Fight game brings gesture-based retro action to iOS

At the Ottawa International Game Conference, Double Stallion Games was showing off a new gesture-based spin on classic beat-em-up titles. Big Action Mega Fight (which not coincidentally spells BAMF as an acronym) is landing late summer as a free to play title.

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Rovio Account will finally let you sync your Angry Birds progress across all your devices!

Thrilled at having completed the first 120 levels of Angry Birds, with three stars, on your iPhone, but rage-frustrated at having to start all over again to play it on your iPad? Your feelings are shared by many, and Rovio is finally coming to the rescue with Rovio Accounts.

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Logitech adds gaming keyboards and mice for Mac users

Peripheral maker Logitech has long sold gaming products for PC gamers - mice, keyboards, game controllers and headphones - and recently grouped the products more formally under the "Logitech G" brand. Logitech's new G lineup includes six redesigned mice and keyboards which hit store shelves later this month. Now Logitech has announced Mac support for them.

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Young penguins find gaming on an iPad easy and lots of fun too

One of the main reasons that the iPhone and iPad have proven to be so popular is how easy they are to pick up and use. Nothing demonstrates this more than a video of penguins using an original iPad to play a game . The iPad was loaded with the app “Game for Cats” and soon enough, the penguins became extremely curious and started following the on-screen mouse around the screen.

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Duke Nukem II arriving on iPhone and iPad in April

3DRelams and Interceptor Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing Duke Nukem II for the iPhone and iPad in April. The Duke Nukem gaming series will be fondly remembered by millions of our older gamers as a side scrolling shooter type game with all the carnage and shootimg you could possible wish for.

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The true cost of free-to-play games

The App Store has become dominated by free-to-play or "freemium" games. I started discussing this with some smart people on Twitter earlier today, but wanted to expand on it here, because I think it's important. What we don't acknowledge we can't change, and it feels like the current direction of iOS gaming needs to change. While some of the free-to-play games are brilliantly balanced and realized, providing value for both the makers and the players, most are not. Most suck. And a lot of that is our fault.

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Die Hard official game arrives in the App Store, just in time for the latest movie launch

Fans of the hugely popular Die Hard franchise are in for a real treat this week. Not only has the latest film in the series, which dates back 25 years been released but you also get a game to play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Die Hard has arrived in the App Store and if you are a fan, it is a must buy.

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Apple TV and the future of gaming

Earlier this week, Nat Brown, one of the original Xbox team members at Microsoft, wrote a piece on the present and future of gaming, and Apple's potential to shape it. From iLike.code:

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Real Racing 3 shows off its unique Time Shifted Multiplayer gaming feature

Firemonkeys, the development team behind the Real Racing franchise have just updated fans with another of their Developer Diaries. The third Developer Diary takes a detailed look at Time Shifted Multiplayer gaming which is a unique feature of this particular game. Not only can you see it in action, you also get a nice feel for how impressive this title is going to be when it finally arrives.

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