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Save big on iPhone and iPad games this 4th of July!

Independence Day games sales started creeping into the App Store yesterday, and today they're in full swing. We're going to keep rounding up big discounts on the best games available for iPad and iPhone on the 4th of July, so check back in regularly!

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iCade Mobile now on sale -- hardcore handheld gaming comes to iPhone

iCade mobile, the handheld gaming solution for serious mobile gamers, is now available with immediate delivery. Announced back at CES in January, the iCade Mobile is a case extension for your iPhone that offers dedicated hardware buttons and a directional pad for that classical, tactile, full-on handheld gaming experience.

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Brandnew Boy review for iPhone and iPad

Brandnew Boy launched on iOS not too long ago, offering up a unique mix of 3D hand-to-hand combat, colorful anime graphics, and a soundtrack that sounds like it's straight out of Kill Bill. The iPhone and iPad game had a big content update last week, went on sale, and now they're hosting a giveaway in our forums for ten $10 iTunes Gift Cards and 10 promo codes for Brandnew Boy.

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Unstoppable Fist review for iPhone

Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio delivered a ridiculous, over-the-top haymaker to the App Store today. This button-mashing endless defense game puts you in the well-worn loafers of a hero named Fist who has come to Earth to deliver flawless roundhouse kicks and precise jabs to eclipse-crazed piranhas, armadillos, bats, chickens, various aquatic life, and any other rabid creature that happens to enter his personal space. Despite his extra-terrestrial origins, Fist is deeply patriotic and drapes himself in the stars and stripes between battles. Whether or not he is related to Chuck Norris is uncertain, but not out of the question.

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Darkside for iPhone and iPad review

A 3D dual-stick shooting game called Darkside by Clockwork Pixels recently launched for iOS, putting players in charge of defending mankind's asteroid mining operations in the far future from alien threats and rogue space debris. Not only do you bust up asteroids and avoid the fractured remains, but you'll also get caught up in dogfights with enemy ships.

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App Store adds Game Collections spotlight for iPhone and iPad

Every once in awhile the App Store would showcase collections of games around themes, like zombies or racing, but it would be hard to find those featured lists once the game section's page was updated. To fix that, Apple has made a permanent Game Collections section where all of the different lists are found in one place.

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Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers for iPad review

The venerable fantasy card game, Magic: The Gathering, has just made its debut on mobile by way of an iPad app titled Duels of the Planswalkers. The closest we've had to a Magic game on iOS so far has been Shadow Era, which admittedly did a decent job, but it's awesome to see the real deal available.

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R-Tap for iPhone and iPad review

R-Tap for the iPhone and iPad was launched over the weekend, giving gamers a slightly different take on the usual rhythm game mechanics. Even if you're not into music games, you might want to check out a contest hosted by R-Tap in the forums for a chance to win a free iTunes gift card.

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Game of the week: Plague Inc.

Out of all the games I looked at this week, I definitely poured the most time into Plague Inc. This single-player strategy title puts you as the guiding force behind a globe-spanning disease, including its means of transmission, its symptoms, and its spread from region to region.

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Mobile gamers spent sizeable amount of cash on in-app purchases in 2011

Information Solutions Group recently published some research about mobile gaming across smartphones and tablets. The survey data was pulled from 1,004 gamers across the UK and U.S., from an initial sample size of 2,301. There were a lot of interesting takeaways, including that 39% had spent cash in 2011 on game content (like extra levels) or in-game currency.

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